Star in a Bra USA Top 30 Announced!

As soon as we thought all the fun was over after an amazing Star in a Bra UK *waves at gorgeous winner Sophie Morgan*, we’re launching head first into our first ever Star in a Bra USA, announcing the top thirty and opening the public vote!

We still aren’t used to the Herculean task that is picking just thirty girls from hundreds of other beauties, but somehow we’ve managed it once again. Phew! What do you think of our selection? Georgeous, curvy and all stars in their bras I’m sure you’ll agree.

We’re delighted with all the beautiful finalists, but more importantly all the different sizes, shapes, bust sizes and all that represent ‘curvy’ and what Curvy Kate stands for. And whilst we think our top thirty are a beautiful lot, we wanted to get to know them a bit better and we’re sure you do too. So in our usual probing fashion, we’ve set up mini interviews with our top 30 babes. We’ve sent them the usual three killer questions to answer. Watch this space for more – first of all we hear from Aliza Enker, Rhiannon Mariani and Laura Foster.

Don’t want to wait for the interviews to vote? Wondering how to vote at all? It couldn’t be easier. Simply head on over to our Facebook page and start using the application. Easy peasy!

Remember you get three votes to use at this stage, so use them wisely!

For more information on the competition, go to the Star In A Bra website.

Good luck everyone!

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