“Star in a Bra” Model Competition

Model Competition 2010 Results

Star in a Bra Model CompetitionShapely Scottish beauty, Laura Ann Smith from Bonnybridge has been voted the face and bust of Curvy Kate.

Proving she had the confidence to look gorgeous in lingerie, Laura impressed the public with her natural curves and double H cup assets.

She will now model for a year with Curvy Kate D – K cup lingerie and become the face and bust of our brand. Runner-up was Anna Broadley and third place goes to Lauren Sadler.

We love real women - The National “Star in a Bra” competition encourages women who are DD+, charismatic and confident in their own skin.

“Star in a Bra” Winner 2010

Laura Ann Smith

Laura Ann Smith

Laura Ann from Bonnybridge in the south of Scotland. is a salon owner/manager and wears a 28HH.

Why did you enter “Star in a Bra”?

“I did it because it would be something fun, I honestly didn't think I'd get as far as I have. My sister had a breast reduction in 2007, and we all told her you should both enjoy and be proud of what you've got, make the most of it. I entered at around 11pm on the deadline night so you can imagine I was pretty shocked to get so far! ”

Laura Ann's interview

2nd Place

Anna Broadley

Anna Broaley

Anna, is a 23 year old singer/actress from London and wears a size 30H bra after finding out she wasn't a 32G at the shoot.

Why did you enter “Star in a Bra”?

“ My fabulous Auntie Kay told me about it. I jumped at the chance, because I've wanted to get into plus size bra modelling for years now, but have always thought I should lose a bit of weight before I even considered it. Seeing the advert and the deadline pushed me in the right direction. I looked at the past winners and some of them seemed to be about my size, and I thought if I'm not picked what would I lose? This was too good an opportunity to miss. ”

Anna's interview

3rd Place

Lauren Sadler

Lauren Sadler

Lauren Sadler, is a geography student at Durham but originally from Dover, and wears bra size a 30G.

Why did you enter “Star in a Bra”?

“ I saw it advertised last year, but obviously you have to be 18 and sadly I wasn't old enough. I think the competition gives out such a good message because you see so many skinny models around, or girls with fake boobs modelling underwear and I just think it's good to show girls that you don't have to be either to be a model. ”

Lauren's interview

For more details on the Star in a Bra model competition visit www.starinabra.com.