12 Bad-Ass Curvy Kate Girls – Could you be the next one?

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of amazing women, through both our Star in a Bra model search and many other campaigns. Below we wanted to give a few of them a little recognition and also to show you that we love to work with women of all sizes, shapes, abilities and ethnicities. So basically just a reminder that you are worthy and that if you’re thinking of entering Star in a Bra this year – you most definitely should.

So get ready for some serious #Squadgoals…

Séana Sweeney

Seana was last year’s  Star in a Bra winner and this Irish beauty with the big smile has already become part of the family…


Olivia Campbell

We’ve had a girl crush on Olivia Campbell since we first laid eyes on her…she finally got her Curvy Kate Gang badge earlier this year 💪


Taylor Crisp aka. The Real Life Pirate

The girl couldn’t really be any cooler if she tried. Tattoos and a cheeky grin all teamed with her skull and cross bones prosthetic leg. She really is the real life pirate!


Lotte Williams

Who could resist those doe eyes? Lotte won Star in a Bra back in 2013 and she’s been a firm member of the gang ever since ❤️


Gemma Flanagan

Errrm Hello gorgeous. Gemma is a  total sass queen with her catchy scouse accent, permanent positive outlook and diamante encrusted wheels…



This amazing woman fought for what she believed in and was un-apologetically herself and for that all we want to do is applaud her 👏

Diana Sirokai

This beauty came 3rd in 2016’s Star in a Bra competition and has since become something of an Internet sensation. 400k+ followers and who can blame them? She’s got curves for daayyyyssss.


Laura Butler

Laura’s been here so long she’s now part of the furniture. We love her dirty jokes and out-there personality. Never a dull moment with this gorgeous girl.

Jan Rook

Where do we start with Jan? This woman is a bundle of confidence and at 65 years old we can see why she has it. We’re hoping we’ve got this amount of sex appeal when we’re her age! Go JAN!

Shorntay Allan

Shorntay’s laugh is totally infectious and with her amazing hair and mad personality she fit right in with the Curvy Kate family.


Paige Billiot

Paige is a total inspiration. She started a foundation based on people loving the things that make them unique. We like the sound of that message and think with Paige’s determination it can only be a success!


Lauren Colfer

Last but not least it’s little Colf. Our second longest standing model and Curvy Kate girl. We can’t see this beauty going anywhere for years and years to come!


So there you have it, there are hundreds and hundreds of other amazing babes who make up the CK army but here are a few just to show you that different is good and uniqueness is what we’re looking for.

If you fancy your chances of becoming Curvy Kate’s next model then head to Starinabra.com and enter your photos. You never know you might be on this list next year!

Big love xxx

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