🍉🍉7 Ways To Use Your Boobs! 🍉🍉

Just when you think your boobs couldn’t get any more amazing…they just did!  Ladies, your body is a gift that keeps on giving and we’re here show you how!! Need an extra pocket? Somewhere to rest your snacks? Mobile phone holder? Baby feeder?? Well just look south 👇

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1) Snack Holders: First and foremost, boobs make great snack holders. Whether you’ve accidentally dropped a few pieces of popcorn down there at the cinema or intentionally saved some for later 😁 it’s a great place to keep those snacks warm and ready for you. Hey, why not turnyour bountiful bosom in to a plate holder and eat your dinner off them. Who doesn’t love eating whilst laying on the sofa!? Show off some real skills and balance your drink on them!

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2) Mobile Phone Holder: We’ve all done it, some more than others…but your lady lumps make for a great mobile phone holder! You can keep your phone safe, secure, and always within reach between the two girls 🍉🍉 We wouldn’t recommend always doing this but sometimes you need to go hands free!

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3) Psychic Boobs: Okay maybe not exactly psychic but they can tell you exactly when you’re going to start your period with the pain, aches and swelling, not the mention the soreness, hyper sensitivity and the GROWTH! It’s the first clue mother nature is about to come knockin’! Heck why not stick a tampon in there for storage! Our Ellace Bra is the perfect companion for your Period Boobs – it stretches with your growth so you always have the perfect fit 🙌

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4) As Hand Warmers: I think we can all agree one of the best feelings in the world is holding onto your own boobs! We’re all guilty of using our boobs to warm our hands up, or for general comfort. Either way it’s a pretty good feeling so give it a try! Your boobs will thank you! 💕

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5) Baby Feeders: One of the most important jobs for some boobies is breastfeeding babies! It’s a pretty amazing, your body produces milk for your child 🙌 and it’s free which is an added bonus! We all know how expensive babies can be! 😉

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6) Pillows: As the song goes…everybody needs a bosom for a pillow! From your pet animals to your pet humans! 😉

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7) Purses: Mobiles aren’t the only thing you can stick in your bra. You can keep all of your money in there, loose change, cards, ID.  Going out out and don’t want to bother carrying around a bag?! NO PROBLEM! No purse required, you have one on you already! 😲

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Boobs are so diverse! 🙌 Tell us what you use your boobs for in the comments below 👇

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