Body Gossip…. Body Love!

Today starts the month of LOVE, as we know it!

Curvy Kate have teamed up with Body Gossip to give away some amazing goodies that will get you loving yourself even more!

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on what we don’t like so much about our bodies instead of finding and embracing parts that makes us feel that little bit more special.

Growing up, I disliked my calves as I thought they were too muscular and masculine but as time passed I learnt to look at them differently and show them off more.

I love my calves because they make me feel great about the rest of my legs. Body Love!

Okay, now it’s your turn….

If you fancy winning a fantastic Body Gossip book and T-shirt, a Lagom Carina clutch, a Lagom Bicycle scarf plus a stunning floral Lottie set from Curvy Kate,then all you have to do is let Body Gossip know what you love about your body and why.

To enter competition click here:

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