Curvy Kate Use Staff Member in Lingerie Campaign to Celebrate Diversity

Seema Patel, a 10 year serving Curvy Kate employee, is showing that the brand practice what they preach in Scantilly by Curvy Kate’s second edition of the #TheNewSexy campaign. This season’s campaign shares another diverse line-up of powerful females ready to challenge mainstream perceptions of ‘sexy’. The new boudoir collection is modelled by women with an array of skin tones, body shapes, backgrounds, abilities and ages; all with the aim of celebrating the beautiful diversity of women.

Seema Patel, 34, a merchandiser for Curvy Kate, wanted to take part in the campaign after the team struggled to find someone to represent her demographic. Seema was born and raised in North London but her family originate from India and are practising Hindus. Seema was keen to be part of the message and help fly the flag for Asian women, who are so under-represented in the mainstream media, particularly the lingerie industry.


The 2011 nationwide census told of 4.5 million Asian people living in the UK, making up 7% of the population, which is a shocking statistic considering the lack of ethnic diversity seen in advertising. This absence is supported by a report run by The Fashion Spot in November 2016, exploring the range of models cast for Autumn/Winter Fashion Campaigns, found that only 23.3% of the models we’re of colour, only 4.1% were over the age of 50 and a disappointingly low 3.2% were plus size (over a UK size 16). #TheNewSexy has challenged these biases with models from all walks of life and, in the process, inspired people around the world to love their bodies.

Following the overwhelming success of the first campaign, the original stars were invited to select the next generation of inspiring models. Through this ‘Pay-it-forward’ system, eight women were chosen and photographed in the new Scantilly boudoir collection. These icons will be the core of the brand’s marketing plan and signify a new era for diversity in the fashion industry and wider.

Head of PR and Marketing, Hannah Isichei follows: “The use of diverse role models should no longer be news worthy; it’s something all companies should practice in all areas. #TheNewSexy campaign isn’t a one-off. Women of all shapes, sizes and looks model our collections as we believe a larger variety of models should be seen by all. Society isn’t made up of one woman and we know our customers are all different, so why not give them someone they can recognise.”


When speaking of the campaign, Seema says, “I’ve worked at Curvy Kate since the beginning.  It’s fantastic working with a great team of people who create such a strong message about body positivity. Being a curvy girl myself, I think it’s really important to show a wide array of bodies in advertisements. Fashion is supposed to appeal to a wide ranging audience – if the models are so specific in their look, how is a brand supposed to appeal to them?”

The fourth Scantilly collection is available through, Debenhams, Bare Necessities (US) and Figleaves. The range including peep-hole briefs, sexy suspenders, half cup balcony bras and sheer basques is available in sizes DD-HH cups and S-XL. For more information please visit:

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  • […] Seema Patel is one of the Curvy Kate team who believes in the message of body-positivity and inclusivity wholeheartedly, so much so that she took part in #TheNewSexy csampaign herself. As a Curvy Indian girl who struggles to find models she’s relates to, it was her time to shine and flag the flag for her demographic. Below is her interview and to find out more about the Seema and the Campaign, click here. […]

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