Customers who totally rocked it in 2016….


Wow. We made it! So continuing the theme of Body Positivity that we started with our “How to Start Your Year Off BoPo” post, we thought we’d celebrate self-love and inner confidence by rounding up pictures from some lovely ladies who have repeatedly supported our brand throughout 2016. They come in many forms, be that through blogging, modelling or just being great all-round customers. Check out our list of 2016 mega babes below…

Check out Lauren here in one of our newest styles – Vixen will now be available every season to keep your tatas happy.

Errrmmm HELLO. Doesn’t this lady just look divine in Unleash?! This set has been a best-seller and we can totally see why….WOW.

This Redheaded beauty really knows how to rock Cabaret… this set of sheer gorgeousness is super sexy but still very wearable…

Melissa is driving us wild and is it any wonder in this Leopard print number?! Get your Wild set now…

A Mix and Match Mrs! Fluvia is making our hearts flutter with her bold mash up of Berry Jetty and Aloha Floral.

Awww this picture just makes us crave the Summer sunshine and prancing about in swimwear all day every day…Not long now ladies! Make sure you have your Atlantis set to keep you looking cool. (Pssstt it’s in the sale now!)

Holy Smokes Rebecca looks good *Heart Eyes* This set is called Kitty and gives your jugs that added UMPH.

Yep, I've gained weight. Check out my blog for everything I have to fucking say about it. Link in bio.

A photo posted by Brittany Gibbons (@brittanyherself) on

Brittany babes, you got it going ooonnnn!!! Dreamcatcher is such a great staple bra that we’re going to be bold and say EVERYONE should have one.

Phwwooaarr. Another Kitty appearance and more mind-blowing cleavage 👀

Early morning swim in a heated pool? Yes please. Crazy hair? Eh….

A photo posted by Elisabeth Moore – Model (@elisabeth.moore) on

Jetty is such a great bikini – it gives the perfect shape but as it’s a classic style it won’t be stealing any of your limelight.

Sunflowers and this gorgeous apple shade of Princess?! It’s enough to have us pining after the Spring Months. Get yours now and you can look as good as this fine lady.

The Invitation Half-cup is a daring choice, leaving your boobs just teetering on the edge of disgrace….but we kinda like it. 😏😏😏

Our anniversary❤ #husbandandwife #curvykate #curvykateswimwear

A photo posted by Louise Bontes-Cutter (@dutchesscutter74) on

Oh hey Wifey! Looking hot to trot poolside! Atlantis is the perfect accompaniment to lounging by the pool and sipping a cool cocktail 🍹🍹🍹

How fab are they? We’re so proud to have so beautiful women spreading the Curvy Kate message and showing everyone has the right to love their own body. We’d love to see your pictures so if you’ve got a set of lingerie or swimwear that you fancy showing off to the world then make sure you tag us on Instagram @Curvykate or @dearscantilly using the hashtag #CurvyKateBabes- we may even use your shots!!

Big Love xxx


  • January 10, 2017


    ♡MELISSA!♡ Oh YES! I visit this site for the babes, the beauty, the boobies (YAY!) and the bo po message. Let’s just say that the sight of Melissa in that leopard print two-piece really . . . Errrmmm . . . “Did it” for me!!! ♡MELISSA!♡ Oh YES!

  • January 15, 2017


    I love, love, love this!!! It’s amazing to see all the beautiful ladies :)))
    But a shame that it’s only a few of the IG-links that works :-/

  • February 7, 2017

    Simon Tustin

    I LOVE seeing these beautiful natural women in all their glory. They are so lovely to look at, and as a transvestite male I love seeing them in their lingerie. Big is beautiful in my book I just wish I could praise them personally. Big breasts are beautiful and so lovely and natural to see and hold if you are lucky enough.