How the #WhatIsSexy campaign got it totally wrong….

You may have seen over the bank holiday weekend that Victoria’s Secret revealed their #WhatIsSexy list. A collection of women (and a man) compiled by the lingerie brand to show who they believe defines ‘Sexy’. So why is everyone so cross about this?

Victoria’s Secret describe the campaigns as ‘Bold. Powerful. Confident. That’s what sexy means to us’, sounds good right? In fact, on paper this campaign seems like it would run well alongside out very own #TheNewSexy campaign, championing powerful people and celebrating self-confidence. However when we look a little closer, the VS campaign tends to fall a little short….

Mmmm. Although all inspiration people within their own right, the issue people seem to be having is with the lack of diversity within this round-up, especially seeing as the campaign is supposed to show what sexy is.

Out of all 18 winners, only 5 are women of colour, only one is male, and there are no-plus size women. To say what people find sexy is subjective is true, but from this we’re getting a very clear picture of the type of people Victoria’s Secret deem to be ‘Sexy’: White, Female, Blonde and Thin.

But sexiness is so much more than that. Yes, to some people these winners will be the height of sexy but to others they won’t and that’s the point isn’t it, sexiness is whatever you want it to be. It isn’t a definitive look, body shape, hair colour, skin colour, ability or gender, it’s subjective and something you as a person have the power to decide for yourself. So we say yes to celebrating people who inspire us but a big no to pigeon-holing and telling people what to think. As a large brand with so much power, we believe Victoria’s Secret have a duty to share a varied message and show a range of people within their ads and campaigns. They should be striving to share the message that we are all unique and each and every one of us has the right to feel sexy.

So what do you think of the #WhatisSexy campaign? Do you feel it’s diverse enough? If not what would you have liked to have seen more of? Let us know on Twitter as we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Big Love xxx

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  • April 20, 2017


    And how many are over 40? Sexy doesn’t end at 29, sometimes it doesn’t even start there…

  • May 14, 2017


    oh my gosh! Your poor arm! At least you got a ton done- love that feeling. The food all looks great. And I’m glad you had fun with Hannah. We had a pretty low key weekend. I taught at the gym, we did some additional baby proofing, I went and visited my parents with Kaylin, went to hot yoga & baeke/cookdd