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How to Start Your Year Off BoPo….

Every year it’s the same isn’t it? We somehow muddle our way through from start to finish but as as time goes on we get less and less perfect and more and more ‘fixable’. Come the 31st of December, we’re ready to punish ourselves for who we are and what we’ve become throughout the year and the second the clock strikes 12, we’re expected to change. We’re expected to be better.

But isn’t it all a bit too much to ask?

We think so.

So instead of berating yourself we think we should be empowering ourselves going into the New Year. Sure have Resolutions but they shouldn’t be ones that make your feel bad about yourself. To help spread this message we recruited some of our favourite BoPo, confidence-oozing, happy-go-lucky people to help spread their mantras about how to start your new year off in a way that doesn’t make you feel sh**ty. So here goes:

Michelle – Mind Set For Life

“Instead of making another resolution this year to lose weight, how about trying something different? This year, make a commitment to yourself. Commit to yourself that this year will be YOUR year. A year of doing things that make you happy and make you feel more alive. If you enjoy it, do more of it. If you don’t, cut it out. Commit to yourself that you will put your own happiness and self-love as your main priority throughout the year and if you need a reminder of this every day, put a post-it on your bathroom mirror so you can look at it every time you brush your teeth!”

Georgina – Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

“To be honest, I am pro resolutions as the New Year is a nice clean start, but I’m anti this idea that we constantly need fixing and changing, and if we fall off the bandwagon we are failures. Maybe only make resolutions that are fun or not about image – resolve to buy a homeless person a meal twice a month, to receive compliments gracefully, to swear less, to swear more, to see friends more or spring clean once a month.”

Hannah – Curvy Kate Head of Marketing

“Mine would be – Be kind to me. Life can be so hectic and there is always so much going on but in 2017 I’m going to take time out to look after me. I’m going to do one thing every day that makes me smile, whether it’s hiding my mobile so I’m away from the glare of the screen, swimming more, eating more dark chocolate or reading my favourite books.”

Lindsay – Ms Lindsay M

“Regardless of your shape, size, gender, ability or race, you deserve to love the skin you are in. I think we need to work hard on ourselves so that when it gets to the New Year we don’t feel the overwhelming need to change who we are. A good place to start would be looking at positive areas of the social sphere. #SelfiesForSelfLove is about saying eff you to all the people who see selfies as pure vanity and reminding them that for some of us, hashtags like this are the only place we can see photos of people who look like us. We need to remind them that representation matters and that we are succeeding where the mainstream media has failed. Hashtags like this have given us the ability to take that power back and to define beauty for ourselves, so that it includes everyone.”

Lauren – Curvy Kate Girl

“I believe if you want to change anything in your life you feel needs improvement, then start today not in January. I think we put too much pressure on changing just for the New Year. Any change you wish to make, be it your health and fitness, taking up a new hobby, giving up something bad for you, anything, you’ve already got the power so just take your steps now.  I’m a true believer in the beauty of balance in life – give love and make sure you receive love, have fun but be responsible, save money but spend it on enjoyable things too, eat good things and then eat something naughty after…  As long as you’re happy and enjoying your life, what more do you need?”

Melissa – Yours Truely Melly

“The New Year is a time to celebrate you! Celebrate and reflect on the previous year and look forward to what the New Year will bring to your life.  When we get over the narrative of us never being good enough, we are able to happily accept who we are and look forward not with change in mind but with love for ourselves and for those we are lucky enough to have in our lives.  We are just as magical on January 1st as we are on December 31st.”

Laura – Curvy Kate Girl

“Empower yourself. Don’t let anyone apologise for you and don’t apologise for being you. Your flaws make you… so what if you have a potty mouth right?! Embrace it and let it become part of you. It may take a while but people will start to appreciate you for who you are instead of you having to change for the world. It’s an amazing feeling!

Stop trying to please everyone – the world doesn’t work like that. We’re different for a reason! You may piss a few people off to begin with but you’ll soon figure out who are the people worth your time. Your circle may get smaller but it certainly will get better! Find your people.

Loving starts with loving yourself – love you and screw what anyone else thinks! Fake it at first and by the time it hits 2018 you’ll actually love yourself! Start each morning telling yourself or writing down 5 things you like about yourself. The younger you start this, the longer you get to appreciate yourself too! Self-loving is the must of 2017!”

Chloe – Chloe in Curve

A new year for me doesn’t mean any ‘new me’ thoughts. Instead I feel that 2017 will be a year full of positivity and light which will hopefully over shine a pretty ridiculous 2016. Ditch any fad diets you have planned, crazy exercise schemes in order to create a ‘new you’ and enjoy your time with your friends and family. January is just another month, don’t feel the pressure to alter yourself, you’re worthy of everything just as you are.

Seana – Curvy Kate Girl

I don’t to buy into the “new you” ads we are bombarded with every January. We don’t need to be “new” thank you very much! I do like to work out and feel healthy but I try to make it an ongoing thing – I go to the gym with my friend and we have fun and don’t put pressure on ourselves.

I try to make resolutions that are positive and preferably fun, that way I know I’ll stick to them! My New Year’s 2017 ones are to have more date nights with my man, we’ve both been so busy working we haven’t had much quality time together. And to have more time with my friends, it’s hard when you get older and everyone starts to have children etc. (that’s where my girl gang are at right now) but it’s so important. I also plan to keep my wardrobe a bit tidier….will keep you posted on that one!

Stop putting yourself down! Even if you feel a bit like poo, it will pass, and it will pass quicker if you be kind to yourself. Life is hard enough without being your own worst enemy, so try to think and say nice things about yourself, what’s the worst that can happen?

I read a quote a few years ago and its so true, whenever I feel insecure about anything in my life I think of it and it instantly makes me feel better. It reminds me that we are all different, and we’re not supposed to look the same, act the same or do the same things! “Comparison is the thief of joy” so don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just be yourself and do what makes you happy!

Megan – Body Posi Panda

Start this year by refusing to buy into the idea that shrinking yourself should be your ultimate goal in life. Instead, take up all the space you want, be loud, be unapologetic, let your self-love grow bigger and stronger every day. You have so much more to give the world than another New Year’s weight loss resolution.

Me (Chantelle – PR and Marketing)

This year I plan on starting my year exactly how I finished it – Happy. The end of the year for me is full of family time, making memories with friends, eating, drinking and partying – all of my favourite things. The message we are fed is that in January this all should stop but I refuse to enter the New Year with the intent to punish myself for that enjoyment. I won’t be cutting back on doing the things I love – in fact if anything my New Year’s resolution would be to do those things more. We are given one life to do with as we please so I say spend as much time as possible doing things that keep that smile on your face.

So there you have it, words of wisdom from all the women who urge you to have a Body Positive 2017.

Big Love xxx


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