Star in a Bra photo submission tips and suggestions

Star in a Bra winner 2009 – Lauren Colfer

Are you thinking of submitting to the Star in a Bra 2013 competition?

We certainly hope so! Even if it’s just to boost your own self-confidence and body image, you should give it a go. Since the competition started four years ago, we’ve had thousands of girls – of all ages, shapes and sizes – apply for the competition, and we’ve loved every last one of them.

This year, it’ll be no different – in fact, we’re expecting it to be bigger and better than ever before.

The first thing you should think about when applying is that you’ll probably be nervous, and who wouldn’t be? You’re going to have to strip down to your underwear and take photos to post on Facebook for the Star in a Bra judges to rate. It’s a daunting prospect, but, at the end of the whole process, there’s some amazing prizes in store for the winner – not least of which is a years’ modelling contract with Curvy Kate.

As in years gone by, we’re very keen to promote the idea of the competition being for all women in the D+ cup size category, to emphasise the importance of positive body image and help popularise curvy, natural women as the face and look of Curvy Kate.

Before you do submit, take a look at the photos on this blog entry – starting with Lauren Colfer, who won the competition in 2009 at the top of the page. Look at her pose, the set she’s wearing, the good lighting and the lovely smile on her face – it’s no wonder she captured the judges hearts and made it to the final 30, then the final 10 – and then won the public vote.

All of the girls who have applied to Star in a Bra have taken their photos in fairly ordinary settings – with no professional photography skills, tips or tricks involved – often at home in their own bedrooms using a fairly basic digital camera or mobile phone. The best applicants always wear one of their favourite underwear sets and look happy and natural. In some cases, the girls just snap some pics of themselves reflected in their bedroom mirror.

The secret to catching the judges’ attention is to present an eye-catching image to the public even before you’ve attended one of our photography makeover sessions.

So, with this in mind, we want to give any prospective Star in a Bra entrants some tips on what sort of images to upload to the competition when it opens on 14 February 2013.

Laura Butler

Star in a Bra 2009 runner-up Laura Butler

– Firstly, we’re not really looking for professional model shots that you’ve had taken as part of a previous photo shoot or for your model portfolio. Professional model shots don’t give the correct impression we’re looking for – we want you to look as natural as possible, and as happy and as confident as you should feel in your underwear. However, if you have some professional shots, it won’t do any harm to submit one or two of them.

– Take at least five good photos of yourself, which should include at least two head shots and three full-length body shots.

– We want to see photos of you in your favourite underwear set – which can be a bra set, a basque, corset/bra combination, bikini or swimming costume. However, we would prefer lingerie sets, as it will give us an idea of how lingerie looks on you.

– Try not to send us photos of you wearing the same underwear set in every photo. Vary it a little, so that we can get a good impression of how you look in different types of lingerie and different bra styles. (Of course, it might help if you’re wearing a Curvy Kate set, as it’s the type of lingerie you’ll be wearing if you win the competition! However, it’s not a pre-requisite that you wear any Curky Kate underwear).

don’t include other people in the photos, as it’ll only confuse us as to who the competition entrant is.

– good, natural lighting helps bring out the best in a photograph, while artifical lighting (such as ordinary domestic room lights) can cause strange glows. If you can, use a room to take your photos that has good lighting.

– choose a neutral-coloured background, such as a plain, light-coloured wall – as it’ll help bring you out in the photo as the subject.

– please don’t enhance your photographs using image editing software such as Photoshop. Everyone has lumps, bumps and wrinkles – we want to see your natural look!

– we’re not particularly bothered about the quality of your photos, but it helps if they’re not grainy or small. Most mobile phones are fitted with good cameras these days, and if you have a good digital camera, that helps too. Many digital cameras have lots of settings that help you take better photos – try them out.

– try to look happy in your photos as it gives a good feeling that you’re enjoying yourself. The sultry look can often be appealing, but try not to make all of your photos look too mean and moody.

– it’s not particularly important to affect model-style poses, but if you mimic some of the poses our Curvy Kate models use in their professional photos, it would give us an idea of how you might look if you won the competition and became one of our models.

– remember the basic rules of Star in a Bra: you must be a D cup or bigger, you must not have received any enhancements to your bust, and you must be aged 18 or over.

– above all, have fun when you’re taking your photos! Many of the girls have told us how they involved their partner when taking their photos – either as photographer, or to help them choose which ones to submit.

– if you’ve submitted before – submit again!

– if you’re still lacking in confidence, get your friends to submit to the competition along with you – then you won’t feel like you’re on your own!

If you want some additional tips on taking your photos, read Cheryl Warner’s post from 17 February 2012 on how to apply for the competition.

Don’t forget to read the competition rules, terms and conditions before you submit – and good luck to everyone!

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