Star in a Bra top ten – Georgina Horne

Next up we hear from the lovely Georgina Horne, once again!

Hi Georgina! Tell us, again, about yourself!

I’m Georgina, I’m a 22 year old university drop out who went travelling for a bit and decided she wanted to work in hospitality! I do now, and I’d really like to open my own franchise of Sumo Salad because I love the healthy eating in Australia which is where I came from originally. I love it over there, I came back to England when I was about two and a half then after university I went back and spent a year there, really to see if I felt any connection, and I’ve been back a few times.

Well we certainly didn’t know that before! No wonder you have such a lovely tan, which I’m very jealous about. Were you refitted at the shoot? We do our best to make sure all our girls are wearing the right size!

Well I wear a 36H, but in some styles I’ll wear a 34HH and generally I wear a size 16 to 18.

How does it feel to be in the top ten?

Absolutely crazy, to have been picked  first of all and then to have that much support than I knocked twenty girls away to be in the top ten it just unbelievable. For people to take their time to vote is brilliant, if someone would say ‘I voted for you and these two other girls’ I’d just be thinking ‘How did you put me in with those two?!’ It’s crazy.

Well we think you certainly deserve to be there, all the girls do! How did your family and friends take the news?

Well my Mum and Dad are very religious, and when I got an article posted in my home town paper, The Petersham Post, I asked them to put a picture of my face, NOT of me in my underwear – my Granny reads that publication, I didn’t want to give her a heart attack! They do realise why I’m doing the competition, and what I’m doing it for, however they do see it as quite extreme! My friends, on the other hand, love it, and my boyfriend loved going through the photos. He did’t pick me as the winner though!

How mean! Well you seem to have enough supporters regardless. How did you react when you found out the good news?

Well I was stuck at work when various friends started texting me saying ‘well done’ etc. So when I saw it online I told the chefs at work who instantly replied with ‘Oh we have to vote for you again!’ Typical! I was in a state of shock for the rest of the day, in a little bubble of my own. When I got home I found some left over Chinese in the fridge and kept telling myself I shouldn’t eat it, with the shoot now coming up, but I couldn’t help myself!

Who can turn down leftovers, honestly? I know I can’t. How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Well before I was mega nervous, and a part of me felt like I was a fraud – I know how to pose to make myself look good, but I was worried I’d be thrown out of my comfort zone. I fretted about being put in underwear I didn’t like, or hating my hair and makeup but now I’ve seen it all I feel much more relaxed. I am worried people will see the pictures and think ‘that’s not who I voted for!’ but I want to make the best of it and enjoy it as much as I can. I may seem confident but everyone gets nervous. As for after I felt completely liberated and elated – on a natural high! The photographer is the kind of person that doesn’t say much in the way of praise, so when she does, you KNOW it’s a good thing, and the rest of the Curvy Kate team looked pretty pleased so that was a relief! I look back and think ‘why was I such a nervous wreck?!’

I always wonder why you gorgeous lot get nervous beforehand, not that I can talk! What did you think were the best and worst parts of the shoot? Hopefully nothing too bad!

The best bit of the shoot was that, being bigger, I prefer to pose in certain ways, and that was understood. I did a shoot before and I was forced into a lot of poses I wasn’t comfortable with, that accentuated my bad bits and didn’t flatter them. I felt so at ease that I soon ditched the dressing gown! And as for bad parts…probably being scared at the beginning and being given beautiful yet mega giant heels (of doom!) to wear, thinking I was going to break my face in them, but luckily their plans failed to thwart me and I even managed them for the end, group shot.

Now that you’ve experienced the shoot, do you have any advice for anyone considering entering next year?

To just not worry about it or think you have to go on a diet before you’re seen in your underwear! Just have fun – I took the photos the morning after a heavy night out, but I felt better after I had a huge meal! You’ve just got to be happy with yourself. Not to sound crude, but I can go out, get people looking at me, get their attention and I’m fit and healthy, people like my figure! If you can find in yourself the good things about yourself and embrace that, then people are going to pick up on it and magnify that.

Wow, honestly inspiring words Georgina, I wish more people, myself included, were that comfortable and happy with their bodies. What’s your favourite kind of underwear?

I love the Deco by Freya, it’s annoying they don’t really do my size as technically I need a 34HH, apparently it’s in discussion so fingers crossed, but in general I do really like Freya bras.I also love my Masquerade Rhea and then obviously I do love Curvy Kate, I have six sets already! I only found out about them when Bravissimo did the exclusive red Thrill Me set, and I love that they keep bringing out the sets in different colours.

Same! One day I’ll own every colour of the Thrill Me set…what do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

Clothes shopping can be a bit of a chore; proportionally my waist is a lot smaller and whilst most women strive to have an hourglass figure, clothes generally aren’t  cut small enough on the waist. And fitting my bum can be tricky! It looks great to have a figure to flaunt, but it can take a lot of work! I went through a stage of cutting my labels out of my clothes because of the clothing size but I reached a point where I just thought ‘it’s just a number!’ And you shouldn’t be that hung up on it, it just doesn’t matter, it’s about how you look. But the pros are definitely having a figure I’m proud of.

That’s very true, it’s horrible to think that people are ashamed about their clothing size. What do you think about companies using bigger models nowadays?

I think a range of models, I’m not saying every company should use huge ones or tiny ones, is necessary. Even with Bravissimo, I’d love it if they just used one bigger model, just once! It can be infuriating. People want bigger models. I’m not saying everyone should be bigger, but there are so many women out there who are insecure because of this media perception, there needs to be variety. Everyones underwear digs in a little bit, even on the slimmer girls, but we need to see what’s real!

Last question, the horrible one! Why do you think you should win this years Star in a Bra and what are you most looking forward to about winning?

You’re right, that is a horrible question! I think I should win because I feel I could maybe represent the bigger girls out there, and show that you don’t have to be stick thin to model. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being slim, because there isn’t, but just to be a part of this curvy movement showing real women out there that you can be bigger and be successful would be great.

The free underwear would obviously be lovely, with all the other prizes, but just the thought that people want to see someone of one size take all their clothes off, that maybe there’s a break through, just the fact that I could be a part of that variety. It’s lovely to see a wide range of girls modelling and representing real women and I’d love to be a part of that.

Good luck Georgina!

So, has Georgina won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Georgina wore the Angel in raspberry with black detailing, the Emily in aqua and the Tempt Me in scarlet. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection and at Brastop.

Next up we hear from Hannah Rowe!


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