Star in a Bra top ten – Lizzie Haines

We hope you’re all enjoying your Easter holiday, today we hear from our last two contestants, Lizzie Haines and Sophia Jenner.

So, to start us off, we hear, once again, from the lovely Lizzie.

Hi Lizzie! Tell our readers a bit about yourself again.

My name is Lizzie, I’m 30 years old and I wear a 32H. I’m a freelancer, and I run my own website called Do It Momma.

You’ve got me hooked on your website! How does it feel to be in the top ten?

To be honest, I cried when I saw I’d gotten through. I got so emotional, getting through really has been the most amazing confidence boost, knowing that the public have spent their time, and votes, on me. It just feels so unbelievable still, and considering I was so worried about entering in the first place! The support I’ve had has been so overwhelming, sometimes people don’t release what you’ve been through to put yourself out there, how hard it can be, so it’s brilliant to have such a positive reaction. It’s a journey, at the end of the day, I took so many photos before I finally decided on ones I liked enough to enter with – I’m talking hundreds!

We’re sure all the photos were beautiful, but as long as you’re happy, so are we. Apart from the crying, how did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

Well there was a fair bit of crying! I was just overwhelmed. I was home alone, and I just screamed! I’m not taking this opportunity for granted, because if you’ve ever had body issues, like I’ve had, then you need to accept yourself and this competition has helped me to do that. I’m 30 now, I’ve started to accept my body – I can’t change it drastically, but I stay healthy, I swim all the time, I stay in shape because I love food and I hate dieting because it makes me miserable!

It’s really great to hear you’re finally accepting that beautiful body of yours Lizzie. How have your loved ones reacted?

They’ve been really good. Obviously I had to think about the fact that my Step-Dad is they Mayor of the town we live in! His Dad was actually the first Mayor of our town, so it’s been a bit emotional! The local papers picked up on it, and originally it was hard to know there’d be pictures of me in my underwear, for the world to see, in the press that everyone he works with is going to see! But he’s very proud of me. It’s not a sleazy competition in any way, but unfortunately not everyone sees it in the same way, and I didn’t want it to be awkward for him, but they’re all been so supportive and really I think the reservations came from me!  Having your loved ones feel proud of you really is all you need and I’m so thankful for that. My boyfriend probably had more reservations than anyone because he was worried about the attention that obviously comes from posing in your pants! But he’s come round to it all and quite enjoys the fact that I’m an ‘almost model’, so now maybe I’ll stat to believe the nice things he says about me…

Wow, what a brilliant family! And you SHOULD listen to your boyfriend. How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Well on the day I was nervous, until you opened the front door pretty much! Then the nerves just went away because I was looking forward to meeting the girls and everyone was really nice, I really made the most of getting pampered! I’ve worked at shoots before, but behind the camera, so it’s a bit different! It’s so comfortable and relaxed in this house though. Now that it’s over I feel alright; I feel I didn’t quite relax enough when I was having the pictures taken, and I didn’t see the photos on the day which is maybe for the best! It’s hard because you have all these instructions – breathe in, shoulders down, smile, head back, turn this way – which I know is just because the photographer wants us to look our best but it’s my first time so it was tricky! But it’s great Alison knew how to get us to pose to look our best, to get these perfect images that also show that real women aren’t photoshopped in real life.

I can imagine it is hard to get in front of the camera but you look like a complete natural in all your photos, you all do! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

I think the worst part was feeling you’re not quite getting it right in relation to the photos. I know Alison doesn’t want you to feel that way, but with all the various instructions it’s hard to think you’re doing it right! But that could just be me…The best is by far being made up and being able to try on all this lovely lingerie! And I’ve never had professional hair and makeup so it’s really nice to be spoiled.

Now that you’ve been there and done that (not quite got the t-shirt, but underwear instead!) do you have any advice for anyone thinking of entering next year?

If you had any doubt, ignore it, and just do it. Don’t doubt yourself, just do it – it feels so good that it’s not worth worrying about. You’re with so many like minded people who will support you and I cannot think of a better environment for you to take your clothes off!

Every year it’s great that all the girls get on with each other so well. Do you have any favourite underwear brands?

Actually, I’m really disappointed that Victoria’s Secrets don’t do my size. My Mum is American so I’m used to the brand and I love the way they look but sadly it’s not meant to be. I love Masquerade, and Curvy Kare of course! As long as it’s in my size and pretty I’m happy.

It’s a shame high street shops don’t do bigger sizes as they do have some lovely designs, but hopefully Curvy Kate is more than enough! What are your thoughts on companies using bigger models nowadays?

I personally don’t think there’s any point in companies that go up to bigger sizes using teeny tiny people to model because it doesn’t show how clothes look on their customers. Why only represent a small minority? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with skinny models, because there are skinny girls out there, but I think the whole spectrum has to be catered for and it shouldn’t be such an alien idea that everyone isn’t one shape.

That’s very true, it’s uncomfortable knowing that different body shapes and sizes are considered quite strange, this is 2011 after all! What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

I think with anyone the grass is always greener; always wanting more or less of something body related, but I think the pros are having curves and knowing they look good. A lot of people want an hourglass figure and the competition has highlighted the fact that I should be proud of what I’ve got, and I am! I feel feminine and I love that. The con is definitely the clothing issue as it can be hard to dress for my shape (i.e. big boobs, small waist) but I don’t want to look like a blob for the rest of my life – I actually have a shape that I want to show off!

Good for you! If you were to win, what would be the best part?

World peace of course! That’s what would happen if I won! But no, I’d probably cry for a very long time as it would be so amazing. It would just be one of those things that you don’t ever expect to happen so it that would be just a brilliant gift!

World peach eh? We’ve not heard that one before! Along with the world peace, why should people vote for you?

Well along with my rack getting world peace…I’m not going to sit here and say “because I’m curvy and I can represent you” because all the girls here can do that, I just hope my personality comes across and that’s why people would want to vote for me.

Good luck Lizzie!

So, has Lizzie won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Lizzie wore the Angel in black with ivory detailing, the Thrill Me in azure, the Tease Me in almond and the Tempt Me in scarlet. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection.

Next up we hear from Sophia Jenner!

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