Star in a Bra top thirty – Georgina Horne

Since you’re all loving these interviews, we’ve decided to squeeze another one in today, so now we hear from the lovely Georgina Horne!

Hi Georgina! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I am a cheeky 22 year old, living in Twickenham with my gorgeous boob loving boyfriend.  I work as a waitress but dream of opening a franchise of ‘Sumo Salad’ as despite being bigger I do love a good salad! I am half Australian and brag about it a lot, especially my year I spent there throwing myself out of planes and off ledges! I love to give random girls bra fitting, wearing and buying advice as I believe the key to happiness is a proper fitting bra. Well, one key!

Sounds like you’re a fan of the curve revolution then! How did you find out about Star in a Bra?

I saw and heard snippets on the Curvy Kate Facebook page and a few mates mentioned it to me – I did not even hesitate to enter!

Glad to hear you were so keen to enter! Why did you decide to enter?

I am a big girl. Not just the boobs, but I have a huge bum and just everything! But my boyfriend loves my body and I have never felt the need to be slim, I’d be happier being a tad more toned but nothing drastic. I want to represent that idea to other bigger curvier ladies out there – big can be sexy and it can model underwear and it can have fun! Plus size girls need sexy bras too!

How did you feel when you entered? A lot of the girls seemed quite nervous, we have a feeling you weren’t!
Oh my I loved entering, I had been counting down the days with alarms on my mobile and telling all my breast mates about it! I was so excited to see and hear Curvy Kate talking about size 16 ladies and plus sizes that I was just thinking “Yes! That’s me!”

It’s good to hear you’re proud of that lovely curvy figure! How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top thirty?

I was at work with the chef’s teasing me for being on my phone, panicking, trying not to drop plates, checking the page, seeing if the emails had been sent out. It said they would be sent by 1, at 12:30 I was a nervous wreck, at 12:45 I felt sick…and then 1pm came and went and I thought my chance had gone’. Every time my Blackberry went off, it was with non-related emails such as spam, it was driving me mad! Then I got the email! I was crying and laughing and jumping around and screeching, one girl thought I had burnt myself! It was the best feeling though.

And finally, why do you think people should vote for you to be in the final ten?

I am the polar opposite of what a model ‘should’ look like – big bum, boobs, hips, the lot! But I can sell products just as well! This is the year of the plus sized lady and I am here to represent!

Thanks Georgina!

Has Georgina won your vote? Cast your votes at the Star in a Bra website or on the Curvy Kate Facebook page!

Come back tomorrow morning to see who’s next!

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  • March 21, 2011


    I would DEFINITELY buy undercrackers (as she calls them) if this divine figured lady was modelling them! 😉 GO G!!!!!

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