Star In A Bra Top Thirty Interview – Rhiannon Whitby

After this interview we have just three left with our beautiful top 30…where has the time gone?! I don’t want it to be over – the blog won’t be the same1

Hi Rhiannon! Why don’t you start by telling our readers all about you?

SONY DSCHello! My name is Rhiannon. I am 22 and am a London girl through and through. I am a Receptionist and am very lucky to work with the loveliest people! I feel like a bit of a mother hen to them all but love looking after everyone! Previously I was a fitting consultant for Bravissimo for four years which probably explains my slight lingerie addiction! I discovered Curvy Kate when I was working as a consultant and have been following their new styles ever since purchasing my first princess bra!

A good choice – one of my favourite Curvy Kate bras! Why did you decide to enter Star In A Bra this year?

I had seen the competition advertised for a few years but had braces and also an under bite and always felt really self conscious. I was very aware of my smile; I felt that it stopped me from being myself and held me back from doing a lot of what I wanted to do. Last year I had an operation to correct my jaw, my braces came off and now I can’t stop smiling! It has made me feel more comfortable with in myself and now I am happy to take any opportunity that is thrown my way, the world is my oyster as they say! When Star In A Bra appeared on my news feed I thought I’d try my luck as I am a curvaceous lady and love what Curvy Kate represents as a company. I am very grateful to have made it in to the final 30.

We’re so glad to hear you felt happy enough with yourself to enter the competition. Just one last question Rhiannon! Why do you think people should vote for you to be in the final ten?

We are lucky as a generation that we have so many options for people who are so many different sizes. We do no longer have to settle for what we can get, we can buy things that fit to us instead of us having to fit to it. We have been lucky to have been shown to dress for our body type (thank you Gok!) and fortunately fashion has given us another try at the 1950’s which was the decade home to the shapeliest of women! The media are at last helping to promote a healthy body image and they are publicising all kinds of things which depict that different shapes are natural, normal and beautiful.
Our only downfall is that only 1 in 5 of women are sure that they are wearing the correct bra size! A wise woman I worked with at Bravissimo told us that” our undergarments are our foundation and without foundation how would you expect to build a house?”
For all ladies no matter what size we are, we need to be comfortable and feel sexy in our lingerie so we can feel confident daily. I am passionate about creating awareness so we can look great and feel great in the right size so we can definitely appreciate our best and squidgiest attributes!

Good luck Rhiannon!

To cast your vote, head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Come back to hear from our last three contestants!

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