Star in a Bra USA Top 10 Announced

We’re proud to share that our first ever USA Star in a Bra top 10, with gorgeous curvy girls showing off their fabulous figures from all corners of the United States.

These women have been chosen by you as the best candidates to represent Curvy Kate’s American customers. The winner will be featured in the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2013 catalogue alongside the UK winner Sophie Morgan.


Jackie Flores

Age: 24

From: Fontana, California,

Dress size: 12

Bra size: 34DD.

‘I’m sure like many other girls, this competition is something I never thought I would even have the courage to enter. I used to have many negative thoughts about my curves, but I’ve learned to embrace them somewhat. I mean, I still have my bad days but now I’m proud to say that I have more good days than bad. Entering this competition and being named USA’s first Star in a Bra would be amazing. I believe to be a great representation of Curvy Kate, one has to be able to relate to curvy women and I am confident that I can do that.’

Read Jackie’s full Curvy Kate interview here:


Michaela Duerson

Age: 23

From: Zion, Illinois

Dress size: 10

Bra size: 36H


‘I would cherish the opportunity to be recognized as an international curvy doll for every girl out there that is just like me; a 36H cup compressed into a 36DD bra.’

She has a Youtube channel which she has used to promote her campaign:

Read Michaela’s full Curvy Kate interview here:



Katie Simpson

Age: 28

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dress size: 10

Bra Size: 34E

‘I decided to enter Star in a Bra because Curvy Kate’s message really resonated with me.  Personally, I struggled with my body image for most of my life – really until a couple of years ago.  It excites me that there is a real movement gathering steam that emphasizes listening to your body, finding your own healthy point, and loving that!  It IS possible, and wonderful.  Curvy Kate contributes to that and I would love to be a part of its campaign.  There are so many amazing women (and men!) inside and out who are down on themselves because of social narratives and standards about beauty; it sucks!  I believe we can change that if we work on it together.’

Read Katie’s full Curvy Kate interview here:


Rhiannon Mariani

Age: 24

From: Waipahu, Hawaii

Dress size: 8

Bra size: 34F.

‘Curvy Kate has amazing lingerie, but more than that it’s a company that promotes something that so many beautiful women are lacking: confidence. I wanted to enter this contest because this company inspires me and I’d love nothing more than to stand up and shout from the roof tops, “Women of America: I have big boobs and I deserve cute bras! And so do you!’

Read Rhiannon’s full Curvy Kate interview here:





Krista Cousins

Age: 24

From: Brooklyn, New York

Dress size: 10


Bra size: 36F

‘It is rare to find realistic representations of women in the U.S media especially those of curvier proportions and those of color. This is made further unfortunate by the lack of opportunities to find bra sizes that both accommodate larger busts and are sexy and beautiful. I am tired of feeling out of place in department stores and would love for the Curvy Kate brand to help me spread the news that shame is out for those who are curvy and well endowed, it is time to feel sexy and embrace our beauty!’

Krista has made a brilliant parody music video of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call me Maybe’ which she has posted to Youtube to promote her campaign:

Read Krista’s full Curvy Kate interview here:



Brittany Jencks

Age: 22

From: Asheville, North Carolina,

Dress size: 6

Bra size: 28H

A passionate body image and lingerie blogger of Thin and Curvy.


‘I truly believe that all women, of all shapes and sizes, can be beautiful, and that wonderful companies like Curvy Kate can help them to realize their true beauty. Who doesn’t feel great when wearing amazing, beautiful lingerie? Whether I win this competition or not, I will keep fighting for these things. However, winning this competition would provide me with the opportunity to be a role model for all of the girls out there who feel bad about their bodies, and chests, the way that I did.’

Read Brittany’s full Curvy Kate interview here:


Cristyen Fowler

Age: 25

From: Sulphur, Louisiana

Dress size 6

Bra size: 28G


A passionate body image blogger of Red Hair and Girly Flair.

Criss commented on her entry in a recent interview with The Full Figured Chest: ‘I was very, very nervous, for a variety of reasons. All these thoughts and doubts kept running through my mind. I was afraid I wasn’t curvy enough, busty enough, big enough, even skinny enough! I felt, in short, like I was just a mishmash of features that wouldn’t be good enough to warrant entering. When I realized the root of my anxieties, it made me realize those insecurities were WHY I owed it to myself to enter! The contest is about embracing yourself and setting a positive example to other women by being able to get up in your underwear like that, regardless of your ‘flaws’.’

Read Criss’ full Curvy Kate blog interview here:


Danielle White

Age: 24

From: Albany, Oregon

Dress size: 6

Bra size: 32FF

‘My sister and I both come from a long line of busty women who have had a hard time embracing their curves. Our grandmother once told me that as a child she developed early and was harassed for it as a teenager (a difficulty I also faced). It is unfortunate and disappointing that a woman’s shape can be used against her and ruin her self-esteem! This contest has allowed me to stand up for the women in my life and hopefully set an example for my future children and other women.’

Read Danielle’s full Curvy Kate blog interview here:



Tiffany Schmidt

Age: 25

From: Corvallis, Oregon

Dress size: 8

Bra size: 34DD


‘This company stands for everything that our current culture does not support. I want to help promote Curvy Kate because of how much a positive body image is needed in our world today. There are too many woman who don’t believe in themselves due to how they look. I would love to be given the opportunity to represent Curvy Kate in the US and encourage women to stand for having a positive body image. This company and everyone who supports it is making a difference.’

Read Tiffany’s full Curvy Kate interview here:


All of the top 10 finalists will be treated to a professional photo shoot over the coming week and we can’t wait to see how they look after a bra fit and makeover!

Who will be chosen to represent the D-K cup busty women of America? It’s down to the public to decide.

Voting opens June 13th.

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