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The Bra Whisperer answers your most asked bra fitting questions!

The Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer is always busy ensuring women around the globe are wearing the correct bra size. We have complied your most asked questions to offer a little more clarity when it comes to bra fitting!


“The bit between my chest never sits flat.”


A sign of a badly fitting bra is that your centre gore (the wire between your boobs) doesn’t sit flush to your breast bone. This is an indication that your cups are too small and back band too big! You want the underiwred to sit firmly against the middle, seperating your boobs and hugging your back to offer support, shape and comfort! your wires should also reach right around your breast tissue at the side of your boobs and the bra cups fully encapsulate your breast tissue. Need help? Contact the Bra Whisperer.

“Help I have bottom heavy boobs, which bra styles are best for me?”


Balcony bras are great for bottom heavy boobs as they pop all that lower breast tissue into the top of your cups! I especially love Starstruck Padded Half Cup Bra for giving a little VAVA VOOM, both the Victory Balcony Bra with side support and the Wonderfull Full Cup Bra with side support are great every day bras to ensure a little more top cup density! Just ensure that you are making the most of the breast tissue you have by doing the Scoop and Swoop:


“Should bras leave marks?”

A correctly fitting bra will be firm around your band, as 80% of support comes from here, your band need to hug your body to lift your bust! You may find that your bra leaves an imprint on your body just as your jeans, socks and belt may do too. It is completely normal to see red marks as long as they are painless, not too deep and around your band area. Seeing dee red marks on your shoulders are an indication that your band is too big so try going down a band and up a cup!


“My underwires always pop out of my bras!”

Babe, we always advise that you handwash your bras! A big indicator that you are washing your bras the wrong way, is with underwire penetration happening! Remember that your bras are super delicate and desrve respect so take that extra few minutes to hand wash them in non bio.

“How do I bra fit myself from home?”

It is simple, put down the measuring tape and get in touch with our Bra Whisperer! Simple take a front, back and side image in a bra and submit them on the form, she will get back to you in 2-3 weeks with the size and bra shapes she best recommends for you!


“Will a non-wired bra offer me support?”

YAS! A Soft Cup Bralette is never going to offer the same support as an underwired bra BUT the Curvy Kate Unwind Bralette does a pretty damn good job at lifting and rounding your boobs for near enough the same support and complete comfort! Unwind is available from DD/E to J/JJ cup and it looks super cool too with the sport underband!

“My boobs fluctuate between periods, what can I do?”

Look to invest in a stretch top cup bra – we love the Ellace Balcony Bra for this reason as the top cup lace is so stretchy and allows for monthly fluctuations!


Wear your bras with confidence and a smile ladies – we always want you to feel fabulous about your curves! Shop the entire collection here.


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