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🖊️ The Great Big Boob Quiz: Stay Home Edition 🏠

We know that you might be searching for ways to entertain yourself and your family at this time, so we have delivered ‘The Great Big Boob Quiz: Stay Home Edition’.



Which Mother/Daughter Duo were the face of our Mother's Day 2020?

Curvy Kate
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Tonia and Sophie Buxton! This gorgeous two-some brought all the smiles a sass!

Which Curvy Kate bra was this 2019 campaign for?

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Superplunge! We love this campaign as it shows you just how the bra can be used as a multi-way under clothing!

How many women did we bra fit over 3 days for #IamCurvyKate?
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We bra fitted 150 women over 3 days in 99 bra sizes! It was such an epic weekend and you can see the campaign here:

Which Scantilly collection is Kimmay wearing?

Photographer: Whitney Green/Model: Hurray Kimmay
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This stunning collection is Submission by our naughty little sister Scantilly!

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Wrapsody is the swimsuit that...

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What makes this bra a perfect fit?

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The breast is encapsulated in the cup, the wire reaches around the breast tissue, centre gore lays flat against the breast bone AND the back band sits straight!

Which American talk show host recently revealed her LOVE for our Luxe Strapless Bra?

Curvy Kate
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Wendy Williams opened her talk show to declare that she had found her perfect strapless in Luxe!

Curvy Kate's Bra Whisperer advises that you get bra fitted every...

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SIX months! Our bodies fluctuate and we want to ensure we are in a correctly fitting bra to keep us supported and comfortable!

Name that bra!

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This is Dreamcatcher from our SS16 collection!

Name our infamous bra fitting move...

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Scoop and Swoop! The art of ensuring that all breast issue is encapsulated in the bra cups.

✍️ The Great Big Boob Quiz: The Stay Home Edition 🏠

Oooops you may need to brush up on your bra knowledge - but that's cool, you got this! Read our bra fitting blogs!
You are the TITS!

OKUUUR - you know your Curvy Kate stuff... we are proud of you! Not quite a full house though, so continue to learn with our blogs!

Totally smashed it, we are in awe of YOU!

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