Unique Diversity Campaign Not a One-Off…

Body-positive, lingerie brand Scantilly by Curvy Kate have launched the next edition of #TheNewSexy campaign with another diverse line-up of powerful females ready to challenge mainstream perceptions of ‘sexy’. In Scantilly’s new boudoir collection, the models champion a variety of skin tones, body shapes, backgrounds, abilities and ages; all with the aim of celebrating the beautiful diversity of women.

This diversity is something the Fashion Industry has been guilty of disregarding and few have appeared to challenge it. Supporting this, a report run by The Fashion Spot in November 2016, exploring the range of models cast for Autumn/Winter Fashion Campaigns, found that only 23.3% of the models were of colour, only 4.1% were over the age of 50 and a disappointingly low 3.2% were plus size (over a UK size 16). #TheNewSexy has challenged these biases with models from all walks of life and, in the process, inspired people around the world to love their bodies.


Following the overwhelming success of the first campaign, the original stars were invited to select the next generation of inspiring models. Through this ‘Pay-it-forward’ system, eight women were chosen and photographed in the new Scantilly boudoir collection. These icons will be the core of the brand’s marketing plan and signify a new era for diversity in the fashion industry and wider.

Body-positive activist Gemma Flanagan, a star of the second campaign and wheelchair user, states: “The world we live in is diverse but yet the fashion industry is a very ‘perfect cookie cutter’ type world that is so un-relatable to the majority of people. We are the customers and we buy the clothes but we are not all represented. The industry is so powerful and has so much influence over us all that it should take more responsibility for the images it portrays. Diversity isn’t a novelty that should be ‘used’. It should just be the norm.”


Woman of Colour and star of the campaign, Shorntay says, “Diversity is an everyday thing and is all around us. It’s what we see when we walk down the road or go to the shops. So I think it’s important that the industry tries it’s best to represent exactly that. I’m not sure why the number of non-white models is so low, when the number of non-white stunning women is so high. It doesn’t make sense to me. I can only hope that campaigns like these slowly turn things around in our favour. The “westernised” concept of beauty is not the only concept of beauty and the sooner the industry realises and represents all kinds, the sooner people in general will feel more secure in themselves.”


(From Left to Right) Shorntay, Carla, Gemma and Janet star in the Campaign


Head of PR and Marketing, Hannah Isichei follows: “The use of diverse role models should no longer be news-worthy; it’s something all companies should practice in all areas. #TheNewSexy campaign isn’t a one-off. Women of all shapes, sizes and looks model our collections as we believe a larger variety of models should be seen by all. Society isn’t made up of one woman and we know our customers are all different, so why not give them someone they can recognise.”


(From Left to Right) Diana, Paige, Yasmin and Seema take part in the Campaign.

The fourth Scantilly collection is available through curvykate.com, Debenhams, Bare Necessities and Figleaves. The range including peep-hole briefs, sexy suspenders, half cup balcony bras and sheer basques is available in sizes DD-HH cups and S-XL. For more information please visit: www.curvykate.com.

Read each of their individual stories here.


  • November 16, 2016


    I totally agree with this campaign and I love the idea of having models as diverse as the people around us every day. I’m just missing two groups of women that are never represented anywhere: Short ladies and skinny ladies with curves (large breasts and/or butt).
    I understand that with the body acceptance movement it is understandable to use fuller models. But as a short skinny girl with large breasts and butt I feel like i’m bodyshamed everywhere. I am too skinny to be plus size, but my curves are too large to be considered “petite” or thin. And plus size or not, short girls are underrepresented everywhere.
    If this campaign is really about the beautiful diversity of women i would like to see EVERY body type, color, race and age represented and not just plus-size, models of color and older models. You made a good start though

  • November 16, 2016


    Wow i Love all These Girl – every Woman looks so good, sexy and strong – Congratulations für these Campaign
    Kisses to the Girls – Go forward and rock the World

    Regards from Germany

  • November 17, 2016


    Phenomenal to see such a diverse group of women beautifully representing the female population. Well done to curvy Kate for showing that all women are sexy and beautiful in their own way. It gives me so much confidence in myself to see someone who looks like me looking amazing.

  • November 19, 2016


    Forget for one moment the Curvy Kate range is great for me, a curvy woman. To see an advertising campaign that challenges how you think, feel and then translate that to purchase power, now that is clever! If all brands moved away from the unrealistic model representation and had as wide a spectrum as possible then just imagine the connection people will make with their own life? Rather than trying to convincing us that the nirvana is the one they paint for us.

    Bravo curvykate I love it! ❤️

  • December 10, 2016

    Andromeda Spitz

    Gorgeous work! I just shared it on social media because I want people to see how unique and amazing your company is. I sure hope someday this is the norm for lingerie models. You know, selling lingerie to the people who will be mainly buying and wearing it.