Uniting curvy women across the world!

Hey lovely readers, Happy 2013! *blows kisses*

I hope you’ve all recovered from the festivities and all its glory!

There’s good news and then there’s great news! The good news is, the celebration of curves joyfully continues….the great news is, Curvy Kate have begun a worldwide revolution which sees women around the globe championing their curves! Curvy Kate is taking over!

Curvy Kate have merged their existing Facebook pages for the New Year, bringing together Curvy Kate USA, Curvy Kate Australia and Curvy Kate France with the original Curvy Kate Facebook page, which now sees over 41,000 fans!

Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra competition runs mainly on Facebook which means the next contest will be even bigger and better as it will globally reach tens of thousands. If you didn’t know already, there are also popular design competitions Curvy Kate run on Facebook, handing the power over to you!

Don’t miss out of any curvy goodness so remember to ‘like’ the Curvy Kate Facebook page and follow Curvy Kate on Twitter! We would definitely love to hear where in the world you are embracing those curves!

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