Where it all Began... - Curvy Kate's Blog

After several hundred fit tests and some gravity defying cartwheels, Curvy Kate was officially launched in July 2009 after 3 fun and sometimes traumatic years of development.

We learnt our big boob know how by running our own lingerie retail business over 10 years which specialised in top brands for the fuller bust. We offered an expert bra fitting service where we could test each new design to make sure it would cope with all the needs of a curvy silhouette.  We learnt a lot about how a great bra should look and (most importantly) fit.

We sold all the top brands but still found it difficult to offer our curvy customers a wide choice of gorgeous bras in the sizes they were desperate for. The fitting revolution in the noughties (with the help of curve lover Gok) helped confirm that there was a huge need for women to feel beautiful and enjoy dressing the shapely silhouette they were born with.

So in 2006 we decided it was time to design and produce our own bras, specifically for the DD+ shapes we were used to seeing every day.  Our aim was to create a fabulous product, that fit perfectly and offered great value for money – easy..or so we thought!

We worked with a freelance designer and soon discovered there were a lot of things to learn about producing a flattering design and still giving great support – especially when going up to a J cup.  We learnt the importance of firm wing fabric, strong wires, soft elastic and thick wire casing.  We were passionate about getting everything right though, and were lucky to have plenty of fitting volunteers from customers and staff in our shops.

Over the development years we made a number of improvements based on customer feedback, until we knew they were the best they could be.

Due to angry cries from all our small backed customers we also extended the size range to start from a 28” back and our briefs now go up to a Size 22, to suit every curve.