Words of Wisdom from BoPo Queens 👑 #MyBodyMyBFF

Summer is officially here and the #MyBodyMyBFF campaign is in full swing! We’ve had so many amazing declarations of self-love across our social media, which is totally brilliant and heart-warming, but guess what? We still want more so get involved!

#MyBodyMyBFF is all about changing the way you speak to yourself by imagining your body were your best friend. You wouldn’t tell your best friend what to wear, or tell her that her tummy was disgusting or that she was too short/tall, would you? So why is it that these insults, that sound so horrific when you’re speaking of someone else, tumble out of our mouths so easily when we speak about ourselves?  Well, we think it’s high time it changed!

So how about taking our month long challenge and speaking to yourself with kind and love? All we ask is that you take the pledge and post a picture to social media that explains why you love YOU. And that’s not all, if you tag us (@curvykate) and use the hashtag (#MyBodyMyBFF) then you could be in with a chance of winning amazing prizes every single day (Check out this BLOG for more competition details). So what are you waiting for?!

If you’re still a little unsure, then how about checking out some BoPo mantras from some of our fave confidence queens below, and if these statements don’t make you want to treat your body like your BFF then we don’t know what will…. #MyBodyMyBFF


“We are told that we have to get our bodies ready for summer as if they aren’t already for the sun, the water, the waves, good food, and good friends.  Your body is able to enjoy all those things already.  So let’s live in the moment, stop worrying if we are too much, because the ones that love us already do and the only thing keeping us from feeling that love is silly notions of not being good enough.  So enjoy the sun, enjoy the smiles, enjoy the friendship, enjoy the moments this summer within what ever body you have today!”


Lotte Williams

“Summer doesn’t last long enough to be worrying about your body the whole time! Take the cover-up off and embrace everything you’ve got (with a cocktail in hand of course). Trust me, no one else notices the tops of your arms, or the size of your back/thighs/ankles so this summer, try as hard as you can not to think about them either. Go sleeveless, wear a short skirt or try something backless! The world will keep turning and you will feel a whole lot happier.”


Lindsay Marie

“Summer is a time of freedom and I don’t want to see any women holding themselves back from living the lives the deserve. It’s time to embrace your body as if it were your best friend in the whole world. Go out and have a blast together!”


Shay Neary

“Understand that you’re so insanely unique.  That your body is designed the way it is, based on a set of experiences both in and out of your control. This path has a beginning and an end for everyone. Path’s are not all built the same. There are wide roads, narrow streets, winding lanes, and the beaten course. Sometimes you follow the map and sometimes you throw the damn map out the window. Your body will constantly change over time. We fluctuate, we have ups and downs, we have ourselves. None of this is negative, just different. When I decided to stop badgering myself for the things that made me not like other people, and started appreciating what made me wonderfully stand out, my life changed. There are no wrong paths, just different shaped roads, that all lead to the same destination. I’ve always preferred the roads that went with the land anyways, that route is so much more scenic. Appreciate the journey, be kind to yourself, and enjoy the ride!”


Lauren Colfer

“I’m definitely guilty of looking in the mirror in despair at my “flaws” and sometimes wonder why I don’t always look like I do in my Curvy Kate photoshoots. But that’s just it, real life isn’t always set in perfect lighting, with makeup artists and stylists on standby, photographers in studios who know how to capture your best side and real life certainly isn’t airbrushed. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s amazing – so don’t compare yourself.”


Callie Thorpe

“You would never say anything hurtful to your best mate so why are so okay with saying these things about ourselves? #MyBodyMyBFF is a way to celebrate your body as though it is your friend, look at it how you would when your best friend looks killer in a gorgeous outfit. Do that and you’ll love your body unconditionally.”


Michelle Elman


“Taking a pledge to make your body your BFF is a commitment to yourself. Body Positivity doesn’t happen overnight and it does take work to change all your negative self-talk and that inner critic into a loving voice inside your head – but it’s so worth it! I truly believe body positivity transforms lives in more ways than one. Imagine the amount of time and energy you would get back in your life if you stopped criticising your body? Imagine how much happier you could be if you actually believed that you didn’t need to change your body in order to love it. Make a choice today and decide that today is the day your self-hate ends and your self-acceptance journey begins”


Lottie L’Amour

“Thinking positively about my body changed my life. This is more than just lip service – making your body your best friend will change the way you view yourself, and those around you. Once you make the promise to yourself to be kinder about your body, you’ll find that your every day gets that little bit easier. It’s time you gave your body the love you give out – remember, #MyBodyMyBFF!”


Leyah Shanks

“Body positivity is not just a passing trend. Adopting its true ethos into your life will gradually overhaul your state of mind for the better. The realisation that you are so much more than just a body but also that the vessel you live your life in is incredibly beautiful in its own right, opens the doors to a world of liberated opportunity.”


Laura Butler

“So as a psychology teacher it was only matter of time before I shared some psychological babble on BoPo.  I often talk about how I become confident at a young age but not the theory behind it.  So to truly become Body Positive, sometimes we have to lie to ourselves. After a period of time we start to believe our lies.  This is called Self-fulfilling Prophecy (SFP).  We say positive things about the parts of us we dislike (whether physical or mental) and after a period of time we actually start believing it and therefore liking them.  So the way to become truly BoPo starts with a little white lie…. just remember that it works in reverse too! That means those negative thoughts aren’t necessarily true – you’ve just told yourself them enough that you believe them! So stop and think about how you speak to yourself, honestly it’ll make the world of difference!”

What an amazing round up of BoPo babes, we love them for supporting the campaign and constantly striving to encourage other to find the BoPo Life. So come on ladies, treat your body like your best friend in the world, we promise you wont regret it.


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1 Comment

  • June 25, 2017

    Paula Hanlon

    beautiful post, I’ll always look at myself as a work in progress and a roadmap of my life not as a disfigured person who is all lumpy and fat. Thank you Curvy Kate!