It's a red bra! Are you surprised?!

It has recently come to our attention that red bras under white tees might actually be a thing! It's been said they work just as well if not better than nude bras under white t-shirts. What a revelation, you could be wearing your red lacy bras under white shirts at work and your colleagues would be none the wiser, it would be your very own little secret!

Naturally we wanted to put this theory to test. So four Curvy Kate gals with different skin tones put on the same red bra, the Ellace Crimson Balcony bra to be exact and one everyday white Primarni t-shirt...

The Bra!


Curvy Kate Ellace Crimson

The Results!

Well we think it worked pretty darn well on all of them, in fact even better on the darker skinned gals!

Don't worry we're just as shocked as you, who knew this was even a thing? Life hack or what?! Now we're not saying throw all your nude coloured bras away as they do work but a pretty red one is a great alternative. We all feel better in our sexy red bra anyways ❤️


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