After hundreds and hundreds of amazing entries we have finally whittled down our Top 20 Auditionees. 

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What's your name and where are you from?

"My name is Nancy Rameriz and I’m from North Hollywood, California."


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Why did you enter Star in a Bra?

"I entered Star in a Bra because I love showing off my body, I’m very confident and I love to make women feel confident in their skin and I love wearing underwear."


Why do you think it’s important for diversity to be part of the fashion industry?

"I think it’s important for diversity to be a part in the fashion industry because women and also men come in different shapes and sizes and it’s important for us to put the spotlight on that and not let society make us feel like we’re supposed to look and be one size."


What your favourite attribute about yourself, be that physical or a characteristic?

"My favourite attribute about myself is my legs, I have my mother’s legs and she’s a salsa dancer and I take a lot of pride in that"


Lastly Why do you think you should win Star in a Bra?

I think I should win Star in a Bra because I love the brand, I love the underwear, I love the way it makes me feel, I love the bras, I also love being naked and I love being myself. I feel comfortable in my skin and I feel like I will help women to love themselves and being more comfortable with themselves.

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