Well we're onto our second day of the public vote stage of this years Star In A Bra. Four mini interviews down, twenty six to go!

And starting us off today is the beautiful Alice Rayman.

Good morning Alice! Why don't you start today off by telling the public about yourself?

Well I'm 22 years old, from a little place called Banstead in Surrey.
I can be a bit 'in your face' sometimes, but always with charm and a laugh, and as my mum always says I 'could make conversation with a tree' - but at least that means I'm not boring! I enjoy acting - it's my passion and for the last 4 years I've been lucky enough to work part-time as a freelance drama assistant, working with adults and teenagers with learning and behavioural disabilities. Is it cheesy to say I'm very much a people person?!

Not at all! We think that's a vital part of being a Curvy Kate girl! Why did you decide to enter this years competition?

When I was a little girl, I would sit in the bath and wish and wish for BIG boobs. The Boob Fairies must have been feeling very generous because it seemed almost overnight that there they were! Before I knew it I measured 32K. However, the saying 'be careful what you wish for' was definately true in my case. For years I was self-conscious and very aware of my boobs. I felt I could never wear gorgeous and sexy lingerie like my friends. I was jealous. I never felt there was a brand that was consistent in quality, as well as making me feel sexy and confident. But then I found Curvy Kate! Finally a brand I trusted and that gave me well fitting bras that looked and made me feel amazing. So I decided to enter Star in a Bra to show my friends, family and other girls that I am proud of what I've got and why not show it off. I'm doing it for us curvy girls!

Good for you. Lets face it, you do have what's considered an 'awkward' bra size, but that shouldn't stop you from doing anything, least of all a lingerie model! Just one last question Alice, but it is the nasty one I'm afraid - why do you think people should vote for you?

Like all the other top 30 beauties, I think I look gorgeous and I'm proud to say so. And isn't it refreshing to see so many natural women flaunting their figures and hopefully giving other women the boost to not shy away from their bodies and feel good about themselves?

I hope that I personally can give someone else the self-assurance that all curvy girls are beautiful. My confidence has already soared just from being in the top 30 and I feel I am the right role model to show Curvy Kate lingerie to it's full potential. Power to the curves!

Good luck Alice!


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