10 things girls want guys to know about boobs…

Boobs are tricky things and if you don’t own a pair it can be pretty difficult to understand them – but we’ve come up with a list of things that all guys could probably do with reading. Take note lads.


1) Impromptu running is not cool.

Running for the bus or train is not a simple task, it means having not only the stamina to run without warning, but you also need to have both arms free to hold onto the girls.  😓

2) Nipples are sensitive and attached to our bodies.

Remember that when you’re getting all handsy. NO PULLING.


3) Everyone’s boobs are slightly different sizes.

They’re almost like eyebrows- sisters not twins girlfriend ☝️

4) Lying on your front is pretty much impossible.

Lying on your front can be pretty tough. They should design mattresses with boob holes cut out. No really that would be great.



5) Boobs change in ‘consistency’. Yes really.

Throughout the month boobs change, sometimes they feel fit to burst and other times they feel like half empty water balloons. 🎈💦

6) Speaking of times of the month – They hurt like a B**ch when you’re on your period.

Absolutely NO touching. 🙅

7) Under-boob sweat is a real thing.

In fact boob sweat in general, not just the underside. Just imagine wiping away a river of sweat from your cleavage in summer- Nice.


8) They’re great to play with.

You know how you guys like to play with your bits? Don’t lie – we know you sit there with your hands down your pants! Yeah, well boobs are pretty great to play with too. We often find ourselves watching TV with our hands in our top – they’re soft, warm and squishy- what’s not to love?!

9) They WILL NOT look the same when you’re lying down.

Oh hi boobs resting in my armpits.

10) Boobs have a life of their own.

You might think you have them under control. You would probably be wrong. Cheeky nip slips are definitely a regular occurrence.


So there we have it, a big old round up of all the things you fellas need to understand about boobs!

Are there any we missed? Do you relate to any of the things in this post? If so, let us know on Twitter or in the comments section below…

Big love x

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1 Comment

  • October 3, 2016


    I’m a guy who LOVES boobs, LIVES FOR boobs . . . and lives to love to LEARN about boobs. LOL. So, this site and this post is greatly appreciated. I come here to increase my boob IQ! It’s great to know that girls go into their tops for play time just like guys venture into their pants with their hands. In fact, what’s in MY pants often gets arroused by the very thought of what’s in girls tops! LOL. So, the #9 thing on the list makes me think of how I have come to learn two boob-stimulation tips that I think guys should know and girls would appreciate. 1 – Don’t be “grabby.” Teasing with finger tips and light grazing motions are a good start. And, yes, like it says here – avoid nipple pulling. 2 – Don’t forget to stimulate the SIDES of the boobs. Think of the area above the nipple as 12 O’Clock – Each side of each boob (the right side would be 2 O’ Clock and the left side would be 10 O’ Clock) deserves attention! A friend once told me that this is the area she loves to focus on when playing with her boobs. I was very happy to use this info on my own the very next time I had a hands-on session with a pair of boobs . . . that were attached to an appreciative girl. I found that some consitent gentle rubbing in those areas caused what I must call a favorable reaction! Thank you for this post and all the great info on this site!