Size 34DD Bras & Lingerie

Saunter into a space where comfort meets cool with our 34DD bras. Read More

Each one is like a BFF for your curves, ready to make you feel like the queen you are. Need that 'rock it daily' kind of friend or a touch of sparkle? We've got a treasure trove right here! Our 34DD range is a toast to your fabulous self, serving up style, snugness, and smiles all around. If you're voting for a wire-free day, we've got the softest spots for you. Or if it's a 'feeling fancy' kind of day, our balconette bras and strapless bra series are here to roll out the red carpet! Every choice is a promise of buttery-soft, rock-solid support. Come find your 'just right' in our 34DD bra collection!

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34DD Bras Designed for Ultimate Elegance and Fit

Discover the ultimate elegance and fit with our 34DD bra collection. Each bra is meticulously designed to provide both style and support, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit for every occasion.

Begin your search with our Bra Fit Quiz to find the perfect style for you. Our t-shirt bras are ideal for a seamless everyday look, while our sleep bras offer relaxation and support through the night.

For the best fit, our size guide and bra fitting tips are invaluable resources. If you need more tailored advice, our guide on how to measure your bra size is there to help. And to complete your lingerie set, explore our elegant knickers collection.