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Does this Image Offend You?


#TheNewSexy Group Image


No we thought not but yet it seems once again that Facebook are banning adverts with what seems to be a ‘one rule for one, another rule for others’ system.  Remember this story we covered on the blog recently here.

Personally we love the latest Scantilly campaign imagery. We received hundreds of positive comments from women around the world that did too, such as this.


So when we were told..

The reason our Ad was blocked…

We were a little gobsmacked but then when 3 different adverts were all stopped – angry Scantilly came out.

However, we thought it must be a mistake and responded with the reasons why this image is so important and why we wanted to spread the message.

“There is still such a lack of diversity in the media and we wanted to share this image to challenge social ‘norms’. #TheNewSexy calls for women of all shapes, backgrounds, looks and sizes to be represented in the media and looks to redefine how society views the word ‘sexy’.”

Obviously Facebook had other ideas.

Not only did we violate ‘ad guidelines’ with our group shot but also with the image of the beautiful trans model Effie.


And this was the final straw as this fun blog post was never even considered…



Yes, we agree, these images are sexy but we’re damn proud of that. They show that sexy isn’t just one thing, it differs from person to person, is inside and out and is totally in the eye of the beholder. Why should anyone else tell us what sexy is? If you feel it – rock it.

So, we did a bit of research with a few peeps in the office to see the type of ads they we were receiving from other brands. The following all pass the Facebook ads test, not sexy at all (??):


And although we were told the Scantilly Images promote ‘Sexual acts’ (don’t ever be sexual – how awful), this Durex advert is, of course fine. Durex would NEVER promote sexual acts.


So we’re a bit baffled by it all and have appealed, without reply. For the moment, we can’t spread #TheNewSexy message by Facebook advertisements as all the images we’d like to use are seen to be ‘Sensitive in nature and typically evoke a negative reaction.’

Hmmm…not sure our fans agree.

What do you think of the new Scantilly campaign – too much for Facebook or does Facebook need to update their image processing system?

Tweet us @dearscantilly and let us know your thoughts!

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