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How Diversity Won.

So you may have seen our recent spat with Facebook over the ads we were trying to place regarding Scantilly’s #TheNewSexy campaign. A diverse range of hot women, all spreading an inspirational and empowering message – what could possibly go wrong?

To recap – we had placed adverts promoting the full group shot:



and the gorgeous Effie’s story:

We also looked at promoting a fun content piece about our divine half cup bras:


Sadly Facebook decided the ads could not be approved for the following reasons. Read the full details here.

We of course objected to the reasons above, appealed, then waited. Then followed radio silence. The team banging our heads against our computers. Tumbleweed obvs. More silence. Then finally we thought, let’s do something about this. These images are not hurtful but celebrate a message of diversity, strength and beauty. As you know, Scantilly is ‘Fearless Lingerie for DD to HH cups’ – so we thought, let’s be fearless. If Facebook don’t listen, we need to make them as this message is important and how many others messages are currently being stopped by their Advertising Policies.

So let’s start by saying, as usual our fans have been absolutely awesome.  You guys have spread the word, shared posts and rallied support for the campaign…and you know what. It worked. Today Facebook have replied to the team, with this reply.


Although we understand Facebook have made mistakes like this previously, we hope if we keep standing up for what we believe in and stand together, slowly they will review their policies, police what needs to be policed and share messages that do good.

A huge thank you again to everyone who talked, shouted and shared the piece – you’ve helped a little more body positivity be in the world today!

Thanks also to Cosmo, Yahoo and the Daily Star for covering the story.

Huge love from all at Scantilly and Curvy Kate xx


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