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#MyBodyMyBFF – A BoPo Pledge to love yourself 💕

Would you ever tell your best friend that she wasn’t pretty? No. Would you tell her that she needed to lose weight? No. Would you tell her that she wasn’t clever enough? No. We didn’t think so and that’s where our latest Social Media Campaign comes in. #MyBodyMyBFF was born from realising that women speak to their best friends with kindness and love, and boost them up but when it comes to speaking to themselves the kindness nearly always stops and the belittling and judgmental comments creep in.

Many women look in the mirror and speak to themselves in such a way that makes them feel worse about who they are rather than better. So we think enough is enough. It’s time for this to change, it’s time for #MyBodyMyBFF.


As you can see #MyBodyMyBFF does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s about encouraging you to love your body and your mind and to essentially to treat it as though it were your best friend forever. We want this campaign to inspire you to take the month long pledge to speak to yourself with the kindness you deserve. Think something negative? Squash it and turn it into something positive. Don’t dare wear that crop top? Put it on and say you look fabulous. Someone gives you a compliment? Take it, thank them and believe them because they said it for a reason. You’ll be surprise how quickly you respond to the nice things you say to yourself and allow yourself to believe.

So to get involved and even to be in with a chance of winning a Curvy Kate set, a ‘Self Love Brings Beauty’ t-shirt and a Curvy Kate tote bag then be sure to post your #MyBodyMyBFF pledge/self love declaration online using the hashtag and tagging @curvykate on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We promise you’ll be in good company with a bevvy of amazing women who have all chosen self-love over self-loathing and are living the best life.

We cannot wait to see your images and to see the body-loving message spread far and wide. Hip hip hurray for #MyBodyMyBFF.

Big Love x
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