NO! This is how often you SHOULD wash your bra! 👙

The debate on how often you should wash bras has come to our attention today, as a woman has sparked “outrage” after admitting she only washes them once a month. Well we think ‘Each to their own and all that’ but as we know a thing or two about bras at Curvy Kate, (being experts and all) we thought we’d throw in our two pence! So below, we have our own guide on how often you should be washing your bras and storing them to maintain their shape.

Bras can be worn for practical reasons or for style, but no matter how you wear or why, they still need a wash. We do sweat and get dirty after all, as the great Christina Aguilera once said.

  • How often to wash…

We wouldn’t say washing just once a month is the way to go, but neither is daily. Our lingerie designers (the real experts on this topic) have said…“It’s personal preference but after a few days of wear your bra will build up sweat, dirt, oil and bacteria” No one wants to walk around with that strapped to their boobs for too long. If you have an active lifestyle, this will be a massive contributing factor, the more you sweat the dirtier the bra will be.

So, that stunning lacey bra you break out for those special occasions? It can probably live in your drawer for a while. But your sports bra after an hour’s work out at the gym? We suggest you wash it after every use. As for the bras in your usual rotations, we recommend you alternate between two or three bras a week, to give them a break from being worn and then on that lazy Sunday wash them all at once. Simple!

  • How to wash them…

How you wash your bra can mean the difference between your bra lasting the test of time or giving up at the first hurdle. We recommend that all Curvy Kate bras are hand washed as they are delicate garments but also know that for many women that’s just too much effort… If that’s the case and you want to use the washing machine then make sure you pick up a lingerie bag, and wash on a cool cycle on delicate mode. Remember – over washing can cause more harm than good, you’ve spent money on a garment and want it to last, so steer clear of hot water and vigorious washing. These can really damage the elasticity, which is vital for providing the proper support your puppies need!

  • How to dry your bra…

How to dry your bra can also be a way to help make your bras last longer –  Whatever do NEVER tumble dry your bra! This is a sure fire way for sending your bras to the bin prematurely. We recommend air drying and making sure your bras are hung equally so one strap or one cup isn’t taking all the weight, as this can distort your bra and change the fit.

So finally, to answer the question “How often should you wash your bras?”, We would say once a week, or you know – whenever you feel like it. It’s your hygiene after all…but for the sake of the bra itself, let’s not ruin them!

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