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Woman with Birthmark Highlights her Differences by Taking Part in Diversity Campaign

Paige Billiot, who was born with a birthmark across her face and head, has recently flown the flag for anyone who has ever felt different by taking party in the Scantilly’s second edition of the #TheNewSexy campaign. This season’s campaign shares another diverse line-up of powerful females ready to challenge mainstream perceptions of ‘sexy’. The new boudoir collection is modelled by women with an array of skin tones, body shapes, backgrounds, abilities and ages; all with the aim of celebrating the beautiful diversity of women.

Paige Billiot, 24, who was born with a ‘Port-Wine Stain’ birthmark across her face and head, took part in the campaign. As well as being an actress and film-producer in LA, Paige has also created an inspiring outlet called ‘The Flawless Affect’ to encourage people who are different to see beauty in their ‘flaws’. In the campaign Paige highlighted her birthmark to draw attention and show that every person has things that make them special and unique.


Paige states, “I started Flawless Affect about a year ago. I’ve always wanted to be somewhat of a role -model for anyone who had a flaw and saw it negatively. It was really important to me to create something that people could feel inspired by and educated at the same time. To be able to accept, understand, and embrace their difference was and is my main goal with a movement like this. One of the biggest challenges I faced growing up was feeling alone. If I would have known that there were other people facing similar struggles as myself, who didn’t feel normal, it definitely would have helped me. So, I started a campaign through social media by first embracing my birthmark in creative and beautiful ways.”

Three out of every thousand people are born with birthmarks or skin markings, yet they are rarely seen in the media. This lack of representation is a common theme not only against people with birthmarks but also amongst other traits that make the human race diverse. The Fashion Spot ran a report in November 2016, exploring the range of models cast for Autumn/Winter Fashion Campaigns. Out of 438 models across 190 print campaigns, they found that only 23.3% of the models we’re of colour, only 4.1% were over the age of 50 and a disappointingly low 3.2% were plus size (over a UK size 16). #TheNewSexy has challenged these biases with models from all walks of life and, in the process, inspired people around the world to love their bodies.

Following the overwhelming success of the first campaign, the original stars were invited to select the next generation of inspiring models. Through this ‘Pay-it-forward’ system, eight women were chosen and photographed in the new Scantilly boudoir collection. These icons will be the core of the brand’s marketing plan and signify a new era for diversity in the fashion industry and wider.

Head of PR and Marketing, Hannah Isichei follows: “The use of diverse role models should no longer be news worthy; it’s something all companies should practice in all areas. #TheNewSexy campaign isn’t a one-off. Women of all shapes, sizes and looks model our collections as we believe a larger variety of models should be seen by all. Society isn’t made up of one woman and we know our customers are all different, so why not give them someone they can recognise.”

When speaking of the campaign, Paige says, “When I was young I absolutely hated my birthmark. I would have done anything to be ‘normal’ like everyone else because I was always surrounded with media telling me what beauty was. It made me feel like being different was wrong. I was bullied and always consumed by what others thought and it was exhausting and depressing. Then I started to change and not care anymore. I started to accept myself, understand who I am, and then embrace it. That’s why #TheNewSexy is such a strong movement that is long overdue. Everyone is sexy and unfortunately a lot of people don’t realise that, and these beauty standards that have been forced on us for quite some time don’t help that. #TheNewSexy in my opinion is rare, unique, different, and dangerously beautiful.”

The fourth Scantilly collection is available through, Debenhams, Bare Necessities (US) and Figleaves. The range including peep-hole briefs, sexy suspenders, half cup balcony bras and sheer basques is available in sizes DD-HH cups and S-XL. For more information please visit:

Read the next installment of the campaign with Shorntay here.

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