101 Words for Boobs. 

 101 Words for Boobs

We know that there are a lot more names for boobs so we thought we'd round up the best! Here at Curvy Kate, making you feel fabulous in your own skin is at the heart of everything we do, and we thought this would be a fun way to share all the different synonyms for BOOBS! So…whether you want some boobs slang for when you’re having a girly chat with your female colleagues in the kitchen at the office or you’re looking for a funny way to feel more confident, this blog is for you!  

Who knew there were so many other words for boobs?! 

Here's our definitive list of the 101 Words for Boobs so you can brush up on your slang words for breasts... But before you do - take a look at the latest Curvy Kate bra styles 

*Shania Twain voice* I feel like a woman…😉 

101 Words for Boobs


Simple slang words for boobs: 

  1. Breasts
  2. Boobs
  3. Mammory Glands
  4. Boobies
  5. Tits



Food related words for boobs: 

  1. Fiery Biscuits
  2. Melons
  3. Baps
  4. Coconuts
  5. Yorkshire Puddings
  6. Bangers
  7. Cream Pies
  8. Iced Gems
  9. Bacon Hangers
  10. Chips and Dips
  11. Fried Eggs
  12. Cantaloupes

Milk related words for boobs: 

  1. 'She drank her school milk'
  2. Milk Monsters
  3. Milkers


Celebrity Names for boobs

  1. Brad Pitts
  2. Danny Devitos

“Name a better duo” words for boobs 

  1. The Twins
  2. Minnie and Mickey
  3. Phil and Lil
  4. Mary-Kate and Ashley
  5. The Mitchell Brothers
  6. Pinky and Perky
  7. Ant and Dec
  8. Mario and Luigi

Animal Related words for boobs  

  1. Puppies
  2. Snuggle pups
  3. Cat Flaps


  1. Wattdogs
  2. Udders
  3. Spaniel's Ears
  4. Mosquito Bites

Cute Poetic words for boobs

  1. Noogies
  2. Babs
  3. Lills
  4. 'The Girls'
  5. Buds
  6. Bips

Funny Names for boobs: 

  1. Norks
  2. Chebs
  3. Maracas
  4. Slammers
  5. Tig Ol Bitties
  6. Chebblies
  7. Wabs
  8. Funbags


  1. Chesticles
  2. Jugs
  3. Waps
  4. Tatas
  5. Bazoombas
  6. Breasticles
  7. Bazookas


  1. Mammeries
  2. Bristol Cities
  3. Cha-chas
  4. Bosoms
  5. Jubblies
  6. Charlies
  7. Juganauts
  8. Peaks
  9. Knockers
  10. Rack
  11. Shelf
  12. Dongles
  13. Nunga Nungas
  14. Wangers
  15. Swingers
  16. Air-bags
  17. Tatty Bo Jangles
  18. Honker Honkers


  1. Cans
  2. Babylons
  3. Bubbalas
  4. Nipple Holsters
  5. Life Savers
  6. Buoyancy aids
  7. Orbs
  8. Bongos


  1. Watties
  2. Bouncers
  3. Wagons
  4. Globes
  5. Shoulder Boulders
  6. Hooters
  7. Muchachas

Pretty Grim Names for Boobs (Soz). 

  1. Titties
  2. Man boobs
  3. Fleshy Mounds
  4. Upper Bollocks (Sorry)
  5. TB's (Top Bollocks - again - Sorry)
  6. Dirty Pillows


  1. Naughty Pillows
  2. Two old socks
  3. Aspirin on an Ironing Board
  4. Mud Flaps


We hope you enjoyed our definitive list of words for boobs and whatever you call your boobs, make sure they feel lifted and feeling fabulous with our new in lingerie. Let us know what other words for boobs YOU use over on our social media, whether they’re sexy words for boobs or funny synonyms for boobs, we want to know!






101 Words for Boobs

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