Molly-Mae has spoken out about being ‘haunted’ saying that “'My mum took me to ‘a shop’ to have my boobs measured, probably the most undignified and embarrassing moment of my entire life, it still haunts me to this day!”

Speaking from experience our Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer can relate to Molly-Mae:

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'I too am haunted by my first ever bra fitting, it was a week night after school and I went to the high street department store in my school uniform. I remember walking into the fitting room looking at my mum and being SO nervous, she just kept on repeating “darling, listen to what she says she is the expert.”'

The so called expert asked me to take off my school blouse, the room was SO bright and white, then she wrapped this very cold tape measure around my bare boobs. She then told me to stay there, until she came back. “back from where? How long will she be gone for, when is she coming back?” all of these questions ran through my mind until she returned after what seemed like hours but it was just a few minutes with some of THE most ugly bras I had ever seen in my life and at that point it hadn’t been many.

She handed me a full cup lace bra which came up to my collar bones and the cup was a conical shape, I put the 38DD bra on as a size UK 12. With my mum still reassuring me that this is the expert who knew what she was doing. We bought the bras as my mum believed she was doing the best for her fuller bust teenage daughter. But for, I cried for an entire week.

Wishing that I didn’t have to wear granny bras. From that moment, I spent time researching pretty lingerie brands online and decided that it was my passion and perhaps calling in life to make sure that no other girl/woman felt the way that I did in the cold strip lit dressing room aged 15.

Four years later I got an internship with a leading fuller bust brand who guessed my bra size within minutes of walking through the door. They didn’t use any tape measures, I didn’t need to strip naked and when I put on THAT bra, it felt so right, unbelievable uplifting and I cried again. But this time happy tears!

They told me that I was a 32G and from that moment my life was changed. My whole relationship with my boobs significantly improved from wanting a breast uplift aged 18 to finding all of these different bra styles which did the most for my boobs was life changing.

Now at the age of 33, I have bra fitted thousands women in my career and lockdown saw me fit the most and WORLDWIDE too thanks to Curvy Kate's Virtual Bra Fitting service. A Curvy Kate VBF can tell your bra size over a simple, dignified and super private zoom call, you can be in the comfort of your own home and learn so much about bra fitting bra shapes and sizes.


This service is something that I wish I had as a teen, a busy woman, if I were a mum! Honestly – it is the best and I urge you to book in with our amazing VBF Charlotte!

If you can’t get an appointment then the Bra Fit Quiz is a fabulously quick, non-intrusive and informative way to find your bra size too! It is Bra Whisperer approved and you can start now.

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