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But one size is a common problem – 36DD 

The media around the world have always have always portrayed ‘big boobs’ as a DD and so when women look at their bust and liken it to a perceived DD in the media, it can lead to wearing the wrong bra size for MANY years. Our Bra Whisperer® speaks from experience:

“In my teens it was all about Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazards wearing Denim shorts and ‘sporting DD’s’ – in reality her bra size is more like a 30GG. But of course, seeing these types of headlines made me look down and think, well they look like mine, so i must be a DD too.”

Virtual Bra Fitting
This perception of bra size has led to a generation of women who have believe that they are a DD and our most commonly transformed size is a 36DD. The revelations which come after our Bra Whisperer® has taken a look at your images can often be MAJOR. We are talking transformations from a 36DD to a 30H, 36DD to 34G AND 36DD to 36FF.
Virtual Bra Fitting
Transformations just like this ONE! Rachel (AKA LittleBlondeBlogX) went from a 36DD to a 34G! We caught up with Rachel after her fitting about how she feels in the right size, watch the IGTV.
Here are the key signs of an ill fitting bra:
 Shoulder indents
 Double boob
 Riding up back band
 Wires digging in
Don’t worry when you see that a brand only starts from a D cup, chances are if you are wearing a 34B – you will be somewhere between a 28E and 30DD. It is still very much worth getting the expert opinion so that you can feel fabulous in your lingerie!
Our Bra Whisperer® recently appeared on the Elaine show talking about how to find your perfect bra in isolation:
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