You're going to leave them all in awe, awe, awe! 

This time of year never fails to replay the Katy Perry song over and over in my mind. The lyrics are totally inspiring and very relatable so we thought you might need a mid-autumn pick me up with me, The Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer!


1. Never settle for less, there is a spark within you! 

Self care is setting boundaries, raising and sticking to your standards whether in work, love or life. Never let anyone dull your sparkle, if you need a little inspiration check out these firecrackers on socials:




 2. Just own the night! All Night!

Feel sparkly with some wellbeing and confidence tips from our Bra Whisperer

 Put some sparkle on and get out there into the world! The Curvy Kate All Night collection was designed to be seen from the incredible Bodysuit emblazoned with rainbow sparkle paired with a pair of faux leather trousers to the multi-way scoop neck Balcony Bra for ooodles of uplift! The collection will leave you feeling shiny and new, sometimes we just need to treat ourselves to remind us who we are! Push the boundaries of your style and wear the Bodysuit as outwear and just watch the compliments roll in. Doing you, works wonders on your self esteem.


3. You're original, cannot be replaced.

Being you is your superpower! SO own it, wear the outfit you love, dance to the song in public or just indulge in a little YOU time. This Autumn, you do you. Get cosy wearing your 'In My Dreams' chemise or style it up with 'Lift Off' however you choose to spend your time, enjoy it!

Feel sparkly with some wellbeing and confidence tips from our Bra Whisperer


 4. Come on, let your colour burst!

We can often get lost in a drawer of black and beige lingerie but as the clothing gets thicker it means our lingerie can get brighter and more bold without show through (unless you are working it that way, we are here for that too!). Away with the greying old bras, it is time to inject a little colour into that drawer and don't forget that red bras can be worn under white tops! MAGIC! We love Lace Daze Lipstick and you can choose between the Balcony Bra or Bralette!

Feel sparkly with some wellbeing and confidence tips from our Bra Whisperer



 5. Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow. And when it's time, you'll know.

Book a virtual bra fitting! It will change your life, if you are not quite feeling yourself, perhaps you are uncomfortable in your current bra or maybe you haven't had a bra fitting in the past 6 months. Now is the time, so seize the day and book in with our amazing Chloe who will help you find your new bra size and recommend bra shapes in less than 30 minutes over Zoom.
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