The new year can be a sign to freshen things up, including your lingerie drawer!

Going into 2023, you might not be the same bra size as 2022 and that is OK! The best thing you can do to start the new year, is to check that you are wearing the perfect fit as this will boost your boobs, mood and confidence! What a way to start 2023... UPLIFTED!

How to find your perfect bra size

The Bra Whisperer answers the most commonly asked questions around bra fit. Here is a step by step to check the fit of your bra and any red flags which unlike that date you shouldn't ignore!

How should my back band fit?

Your back band should NOT ride up or move, it should sit firmly to your body with a two finger tension (meaning that on the loosest hook, you can pull away up to an inch with two finger's underneath the back band). If you can pull further than an inch or two, this is an indication that your bra band is too big, too washed or too old! A new bra is most definitely required.

A firmer back band lifts the boobs, and holds them much higher - see the difference between a 38DD and 32G:

How to find your perfect bra size

How should I use the hook and eyes on my bra?

You brand new bra should be worn on the loosest hook and eye setting, with a two finger tension. The idea of the three hook and eye row, is to tighten the bra as you wash and wear, ideally every 3-6 months to offer the same support as day one. Where a lot of people go wrong is relying on their straps to hold up their boobs, when in actual fact 80% of your bra support should come from your back band. This will relieve neck, shoulder and head tension, offering a firmer, anchored base to your bra around your back band.

Your bra should always feel firm, like it is giving you a hug! If you have been wearing your bra on the tightest hook for more than a year, or perhaps you started it on that hook , it is definitely time to book a bra fitting or take our bra fit quiz to find your correct size!

Why do my bra cups overflow?

We don't have to live with double boob! It can be eliminated with the correct bra size and shape... If your boobs have been escaping the cups for some time now, going up a cup or three may be necessary! A lot of underarm 'fat' is actually breast tissue which needs to be in the cup, our signature 'Scoop and Swoop' move can help with that:

Here is an image of just how uplifted your boobs can look with the right size, check our how beautifully these cups are filled in the 36H:

How to find your perfect bra size

Why do my underwires dig in to my armpit?

Underwires can be the main offender when it comes to bra comfort, how many times have we heard 'I hate my bra, it just digs in.' or 'my bra figs into my armpit all the time, can't wait to take it off!'

The first thing we need to know about underwires is that they need to sit BACK, like way further back into your armpit, than perhaps you would have imagined! As mentioned in the previous step, we want to ensure that all of the breast tissue is encapsulated not on in the cup of the bra, but within the underwires of the bra to banish any 'pinching'.

Biggers cups, a firm back band and the right style bra will help to align all of the bra fitting stars so that your boobs sit in comfort. See the images below which demonstrates just how much breast tissue is being left out of the cup in a 38DD, compared to a 32G.

How to find your perfect bra size

Why do my bra straps always fall of my shoulders?

Hands up if you tighten your straps A LOT to lift your boobs more? If you are doing this, it is a red flag! A firmer back band is most definitely required, our straps should just give our boobs that extra ooomph, not holding them up! If you see your slider, coming up onto your shoulder, or perhaps not being used at all - it is time for a bra fitting!

As per the back band, we also want a two finger tension in our straps too. this indicates that our back band is giving enough support. If you are pulling your straps to your ears, or above, definitely try sizing down a band and up a cup! The below image shows just how a band too big sits much lower on the body and we have way too much strap for the frame and so it would lead to over tightening to lift the bust:

How to find your perfect bra size

In a perfect fit, we have a lot less strap, the boobs are sitting higher and the back band is firm...preventing slippage of the straps too!How to find your perfect bra size

If you would like further bra fitting advice, to take the bra fit quiz or just learn more about bras - click here!

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