Sometimes, you just have to do you. In a world where we are permanently ‘available’, leaving them on read certainly has it perks.  

Put down your phone for a hot second, an hour or just for the moment you need some you time the most. The world can wait for you to reply, and they know it will be worth it!   

From here on in it is all about YOU, now is the time to harness your power. No need to answer to anyone, you do you.

To the bae who asks, ‘are you up?’ Leave them on read.

To the ‘Let’s catch up? Leave them on read.

Now is your time, you can reply later.

Meet the boss babes slaying the game...

Georgia Sumner

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Meet model Georgia, her phone is blowing up with castings, content requests and DM slides. For now, she is feeling herself, the others can wait. Hair mask on, playlist on, phone off.

Amy Christophers 

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Amy C is a tv presenter and style icon. If she isn’t watching NFL, she’s placing bets or clinking glasses of Dirty Martinis with the gals. Tonight, her phone is powered down and her self-indulgence levelled up.

Gia Love

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Gia is a Model, Actress and BTLM Activist, her fast-paced lifestyle means her mind never stops. Right now, she is taking a moment to pause, unwind and indulge for some much needed ‘me time’.

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Buckle Up serves patent oxblood contrasted with velvet and rose gold buckles for a decadent style moment. The padded balcony bra lift and shapes your breast tissue for a full cleavage look, as the high waist thong hits just above the hips to frame your curves.

Indulgence is Scantilly’s non-wired collection caresses your curves with beautiful magnolia print stretch lace cups for next level comfort and seduction. Supportive mesh lined cups and soft microfibre outer ensure that this beautiful bralette does not compromise on shape and support, finished with signature rose gold details.

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Sheer Chic offers all the lift without the padded, the seamed cups truly pour over your breast tissue and lift for all the fullness. Flame red is the colour, vibrancy is key when it comes to this sheer mesh collection.

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How will you do you and leave them on read for a few hours?

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