Me Myself and My.... BOOBS


Today we celebrate how strong, incredible, beautiful, compassionate, and deserving women of the world truly are. 
A day to celebrate women’s achievements, a time to raise the bar for gender equality and to empower one another!
As women we face adversity each day, from being paid less than our male peers, to judgement placed upon us because of our bodies or the way that we look. And not forgetting having to often weigh up motherhood and careers.
Today, we want to celebrate every single one of your journeys as a woman, we want to highlight your boob journey and how loving your boobs is not always easy. Our Bra-Bassadors are here to inspire you with their very own stories of loving their boobs and reclaiming the pet names for their pair. Let's all be empowered to shout BOOBS from the roof tops!

We would love to hear your boob loving journey - tag us on social! #MeMyselfAndMy


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