Big boobs + strapless Bra = a massive nightmare no longer!

Luxe Strapless

We have all been there – you’ve bought a fabulous strapless number for a night on the town and convinced yourself that maybe, just this once, the strapless you picked up on a whim would do the trick. In a dream world it would keep the girls securely fastened and lifted high off the ground, but as always you find yourself disappointed - with downward facing nipples before the clock strikes 12.

Well we have some good news! We may just have solved the most annoying thing any big-boobed girl could go through - WE MAY HAVE ACTUALLY CREATED THE BEST EVER STRAPLESS BRA! (Our customers’ words, not ours.) Here at Curvy Kate most of us have quite the pair, so we understand the anger and annoyance you go through when you can’t wear that beautiful Bandeau top without your boobs being severely compromised.

To prove to you just how awesome our Luxe is, here are a few things you can do and wouldn't think you could in a strapless bra! #StraplessChallenge.

Firstly, I decided that if the bra could survive me dancing to Rihanna’s ‘Work’ I would be on to a winner. So that is exactly what I did – I danced to ‘Work’, in a bra, at work (Otherwise known as a normal day at Curvy Kate.)

You can make up your own mind, but I think the bra held up pretty well!


You can jump in Luxe without feeling the need to hoick it up! This Strapless Bra has staying POWER!  

Luxe StraplessChallenge 3: RUN!

For my final challenge I decided to go for a little run around the office. Usually when I do this I wear a normal bra with a sports bra on top, so I was pretty skeptical… however to my surprise the bra barely moved! Take a look and see what you thinkYou may still have doubts – we are biased after all - but we really do believe we have created a strapless masterpiece.

We also have some exciting news for those of you who are already Luxe lovers! From May our best selling strapless will be available in 28-38 D-J and will also come in a gorgeous Ivory colourway too (perfect for Bridal underwear.)

In case you needed a little bit more convincing that this strapless really has magic powers, look at our gorgeous model Laura doing a cartwheel (YES, A CARTWHEEL) in our Luxe.

Pretty cool right?


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