Bra Convert with Melissa Suffield - Uplift your life with a bra transformation Bra Convert with Melissa Suffield - Uplift your life with a bra transformation Bra Convert with Melissa Suffield - Uplift your life with a bra transformation

Bra Convert with Melissa Suffield

Are your wires digging in? Do your boobs hang low? Do they jiggle to-and-fro?

IF your answer is a resounding “YES”, it’s time for a bra transformation that will change your life!

Introducing Melissa Suffield, the Bra Convert, who has joined forces with Curvy Kate to revolutionise the way you think about bras.

It’s not your body that’s the issue; it’s your bra!

In a groundbreaking campaign, Melissa and Curvy Kate teamed up to transform the bra sizes of six lucky ladies who follow Melissa aka @the.confidentmama on social media!

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Melissa asked her followers a simple question:
“What three words come to mind when you hear the word ‘Bra’?”

Hate / uncomfortable / stressful / disheartening / disappointing / confused / painful / HELP! / tight / ugly / boring / unflattering / stabbing / annoying / nightmare / ouch / chore / sore

UNCOMFORTABLE is a recurring theme in these responses, stemming from ill-fitting bras.

When your cup is too small, wires dig into your armpits and sternum. When your back band it too big, straps dig into your shoulders as they bare weight of your bust.

The solution? A firm back band providing 80% of the support and and the lift you need.

Melissa in a badly fitting bra

100% of the women we chose to take part in the Bra Convert campaign, were wearing the wrong bra size.

Curvy Kate’s Bra Whisperer worked her magic, teaching the art of correctly putting on a bra with the infamous ‘jiggle, scoop and swoop’ technique.

The women were also advised to wear their new bras on the loosest hook and eye for optimal comfort, support, and bra longevity!

The transformation was immediate and palpable.

One of the most remarkable stories was Amy’s. She came in feeling weighed down by her bust, often feeling unsure about what tops to wear. Amy was wearing a minimizer bra in a size 38D, but the band was too big, and cups were too small. Her discomfort left her to choose a bigger band size, but not larger cup.

Amy's transformation

Enter the Lace Daze Balcony Bra, designed for fuller busts up to a K cup. With all over lace details and stretchable top cups accommodating fluctuations, it was perfect for Amy!

Her new bra size? A 32J – a significant transformation.
Amy’s posture improved instantly, and she felt uplifted and perky. She was now confident enough to tuck in her t-shirt and create a more flattering silhouette.

From a 38D to a 32J, Amy’s transformation was nothing short of astonishing.

But that’s not all. Amy and the rest of the women discovered a strapless bra, the Luxe which provides all the support they need without the straps! Amy had never worn a strapless bra and the excitement at the thought of wearing strapless dresses and tops was magical!

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Melissa Suffield brough together 6 women who hated bras, in the beginning, they had more negative words to say about them than positive but with the incredible vibes, bra fitting expertise and words of affirmation from Melissa – we truly uplifted the lives of these women!

Head to our socials to meet the women who featured in the campaign and find out more about Melissa’s journey with her body!


The one that fits every body


The strapless one that stays up, even when you cartwheel!


The one with a stretch top cup to balance your boobs


The comfortable and encapsulating one


The one that stops your boobs from falling out the middle


The upfront one! No east west boobs here


Do you want to feel AMAZING in your bra and experience the life changing power of the perfect fit?

Take out bra fit quiz now and uplift your life.

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