Bra Whisperer

Virtual Bra Fitting

We believe a well-fitting bra is essential, so if your bra is making you feel sad? You need a virtual bra fitting from our Bras Whisperer…

As seen on Elaine discussing the importance of wearing a correctly fitting bra, Katie (AKA the Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer) has all the bra fitting advice to make your boobs feel happy!

The online bra fitting does not require you to make a purchase, but Katie can provide fitting advice for a wide variety of styles which are available up to a K cup. 

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Upload your images...

It takes time to Bra Whisper and we want to give you our full attention. So, please allow 1-2 weeks for the Bra Whisperer to respond to your query, we promise it will be worth the wait!

Please upload 3 images of you wearing your bra from the front, back and from the side. You can be wearing a vest or tight top if preferred, but please no nudity!

Fitting Room

Curvy Kate are here to show you in three easy steps what to look for in a perfectly fitted bra!