It’s the reoccurring question on everybody’s lips or perhaps the one you don’t want to answer! 

We want you to know how washing your new bra regularly in the washing machine can do some serious damage to the shelf life of the garment. We always advise our customers to hand wash lingerie, because of it’s intricate and delicate features. Occasionally we’re asked why a bra of just a few months old is failing on them… our first question is, how have you been washing it?!

 Watch our handwashing live with the Bra Whisperer now:



We can’t suggest highly enough the importance of hand washing your bras, so here are our tips: 

  • Fill your sink with cool water. Add your soap; mix around a little bit
  • Add your lingerie, swish around and let sit for a a few minutes– then drain the water
  • Turn on fresh cool water and thoroughly rinse each item, one by one as you take them out of the sink. Give them a good squeeze, but DO NOT twist like a wash cloth.
  • Hang to dry. Straight and flat is good. Be sure to reshape the cup

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