How UK and US bra sizes compare…

How UK and US bra sizes compare…

If you’re reading this blog then you are more than likely from the USA, and if that’s the case then – Hello and welcome to the world of Curvy Kate, we’re super excited to have you here!

So, you've clicked on this post because you need a little help getting your head round the sizes on our site, right? Well don’t fret because we have all the conversions to help you get your hands on some of the best fitting lingerie around. So, let’s get started!

First up is the back band. This is always the thing you should start with when bra fitting so it seemed appropriate to tackle this first and do you know what? It’s by far the easiest as UK and US bra back size are all the same… 

Back Band Sizes: The Basics

 bra back size conversion chart

Cup Sizes: A Bit Tricky but Totally Doable

Now, onto cup sizes which are a little trickier but as long you use this table to convert then there is no reason why your boobs can’t have pretty and well fitting bras too.

 bra cup size conversion chart

You guys over the pond don’t tend to use double letter sizes i.e. FF/GG, so your alphabet moves a little quicker than ours! All Curvy Kate bras start at a D cup and (most) go up to a K cup, all styles follow the same sizing pattern so once you know what your size equivalent is then you’re good to go.

Finding Your Perfect Size

If you’re unsure of your size in general (whether in US or UK sizes), we’re here to help! Discover your perfect Curvy Kate size by visiting our bra fitting page or taking our quick Bra Fitting Quiz. Our comprehensive resources and expert advice ensure you find the ideal fit for your body type.

Size Comparison for briefs

When it comes to size comparison for briefs, then check the table below:

brief size conversion chart

For those interested in our Scantilly line, here’s a Scantilly brief size comparison:

 brief size conversion chart


We hope this guide has helped you find the right size. Now it's time to start shopping! Explore our selection of Curvy Kate Lingerie or go and shop by size.

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