Just how gravity-defying is our Strapless?!

Just how gravity-defying is our Strapless?!

Fuller bust champions, Curvy Kate have proven that their best-selling, Luxe strapless bra is capable of supporting breasts even while the wearer jumps, leaps and cartwheels. The bra which is available in sizes up to a J cup was put to the test by the curve-loving brand in the hopes of showing their design to be the best and most supportive bra on the market.

The Luxe, which took two years of development and has been proven to hold weights up to 5kgs, was tested while the brand were searching for their next model in the United States. 20 shapely contestants were all asked to actively jump and show movement to display the bra’s impressive holding power. While some of the wannabe models jumped and leaped energetically, others opted to cartwheel and even do headstands to show Luxe’s unrivalled support.

Strapless bras are deemed notoriously difficult to find, especially in the fuller bust market. That is why Curvy Kate vowed to create a strapless that not only gave the same support as the bras they produced with straps but also gave as many plus-bust women the option of wearing a strapless style as possible. It is because of this that since Luxe’s launch launch in 2014, the range has won an award and a reputation, including a five-star review rating on Curvy Kate’s website.



Head of PR and Marketing, Hannah Isichei says “The Luxe strapless is a product we are extremely proud of, it’s a feat of engineering and we wanted a way to show how well it supports a wide range of sizes. It’s easy to say that Luxe is the best strapless on the market but it’s another thing to show it. As we are looking for our next model via our Star in a Bra competition it seemed like the perfect opportunity to capture the bra being worn by a variety of different women and proving that it can successfully support different breast sizes and shapes even during excessive movement.”

The Luxe strapless bra is available in Black, Biscotti, Caramel and Ivory in sizes 28-40 D-J. For more information please visit www.curvykate.com




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