Escape Boob Sweat Woes: Your Answer Lies in the Lifestyle Plunge Bra

Problem: Boob sweat and thick material bras
Solution: Lifestyle Plunge; non padded super sheer, lightweight breathable plunge bra.

Let's tackle a real struggle together – boob sweat. We've all been there – the discomfort, the stickiness, the daily battle. But fear not, because your hero has arrived in the form of the Lifestyle Plunge Bra. This isn't just a bra; it's your breath of fresh air, keeping you cool, comfortable, and stylish every day.

Madison wearing Lifestyle Black Madison wearing Lifestyle Black

The Boob Sweat Chronicles: A Shared Frustration

Boob sweat is a common annoyance for many of us. The struggle to stay fresh and comfortable in traditional bras can be a daily source of frustration. Enter the Lifestyle Plunge Bra – your secret weapon against the discomfort of boob sweat.

But what makes this bra so special? Let's dive deeper into its remarkable features and how it can transform your daily life.

1. Lightweight Bliss:

The Lifestyle Plunge Bra is like lifting a weight off your shoulders – literally. Crafted with lightweight materials, it allows your skin to breathe, reducing that sticky, sweaty feeling that often accompanies traditional bras. It's the breath of fresh air you've been longing for.

2. Stylish Plunge, Natural Cleavage:

This bra isn't just about comfort; it's about style too. The plunge design adds a chic touch to your lingerie collection, enhancing your cleavage naturally without the need for bulky padding and the forward projection ensures an amazing rounded shape. It's a win-win for comfort and style.

3. Express Your Personality:

We love that the Lifestyle Plunge Bra comes in an array of colours and prints! Lingerie should be both practical and fun, right? This bra lets you express your personality while enjoying the comfort of a breathable and stylish foundation.

4. Fits Just Right:

Catering to a range of cup sizes from D to J, this bra is inclusive, ensuring that every woman can experience the relief and joy of a bra designed specifically to combat boob sweat. No more feeling left out – it's comfort for everyone.


Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence. The Lifestyle Plunge Bra is your ticket to a sweat-free irritation-free day. It's not just a bra; it's a game-changer.

Experience the freedom to be comfortable and stylish – because you deserve a bra that works as hard as you do. As with all bras, to get the most out of your Lifestyle you must ensure you are wearing the correct size! Find your perfect Curvy Kate fit with our free, quick and easy Bra Fit Quiz!

Take the Leap of Trust

We understand your worries around big boobs and low back bra styles and that's why we invite you to try Lifestyle for yourself. Experience the freedom of movement, the confidence in every step, and the ability to wear anything without a second thought.

We believe everybody with a fuller bust should have confidence and freedom to live life without limits.  

Find your perfect fit with the Curvy Kate Lifestyle Collection.

Madison wearing Lifestyle Black