These girls gave us actual LIFE! Whether they walked in feeling nervous, excited or raring to go they all left with a newfound or elevated self-confidence. Trying to get them to put their clothes back on was the hardest part!

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Dass 28D

Interior Designer

Always tries something once

Eloise 28E

Senior Sales Associate/ Student

Has 14 piercings

Holli 28F


Loves potatoes more than anything

Becky 28FF

Production Administrator

Performed at Reading festival. And by perform she means karaoke in a tent

Lucy-Jayne 28G

Social Media Executive/ Blogger

Has a metal plate in her wrist from moped accident

Georgia 28H

Intern @ Curvy Kate

Obsessed with going to gigs

Diamond Dee 28H

Yoga & Exercise Dance Teacher

Can't stand still while good music is playing, will shake what her Mama gave her

Megan 28H

Student/ Sales Assistant

Training to be a special effects make up artist

Jai 30D


Got lost in Japan

Samantha 30DD

Personal Trainer

Loves to dance

Tina 30DD

Admin Assistsant

Goes to cinema on her own

Emma 30E


Can pick up champagne glass with her foot

Amina 30E


Loves life modelling

Claire 30E

Press Assistant

Used to be burlesque performer

Kira 30E

Registered Nurse

Fundraises every year by running 7km for Alzheimer's society

Rafeeka 30E


Posing Queen

Shanelle 30E


Moving to uni soon

Ciara 30F


Once ate a whole jar of PB on her period

Jaz 30F


Been to 9 different schools

Racheal 30F


Used to do ballet, tap and contemporary

Robynne 30F

Makeup Artist

Regularly thinks she's Beyonce and practices her twerk in the mirror on the daily

Sharon 30F


Does belly dancing

Kirsty 30FF

Maternity Leave

Met Becky from Curvy Kate through an online forum due to having their first babies at the same time

Janet 30FF


Has 3 grades of underwear, everyday basics, sexy underwear and risque sexy underwear

Tasmin 30G


Likes cart wheeling

Jade 30G

Ex Bra Fitter

Went to Sri Lanka and washed elephants

Nyasha 30G


Can do great impression of a crying baby

Alex 30G

Personal Trainer

Serious obsession with peanut butter

Amanda 30G

Stay at home mum

Welsh! Go Wales!

Yolande 30G



Eleanor 30GG

Freelance Journo/Presenter

Sung at weddings

Georgina 30GG

Personal Trainer

Can hip thrust 140kg

Roz 30GG



Talulah-Eve 30GG

Model + Influencer

Reads peoples futures on nights out

Samira 30H


Has habit of buying fancy dresses

Sara 30H

Project Consultant

Born in Brazil

Chelsea 30HH

Customer Service

Obsessed with bras

Ashleigh 30HH

Environmental Warden

Can do a backbend stand

Kelly 30HH

Nursery Manager

Does boxing

Sara 30HH

Bra Fitter

Has a photography degree

Yetunde 30HH

Actress/ Beauty Blogger

Loves shoes, has over 500 pairs

Rosalyn 30J

Beauty Therapist


Adriana 30K

Lover of life/blogger

Her height is 5'2 and her chest is 30K!

Le'Shaé 30K

Student/ Admin

Going to live Malaysia for a year

Natalie 32D


Once won a game of pool against Paul Gascoigne

Courtney 32DD


Used to be footballer and badmington team member

Liza 32DD

Fitness Consultant

Speaks 4 languages

Juliet 32E

Personal Trainer in training/ Mum

Can deadlift 264 lbs

Daliah 32F

Receptionist by day, Singer by night

Has a husband 14 yrs younger, got over cancer twice and sees the fun in life

Deveeka 32F

Bra Fitter

Can play guitar

Elizabeth 32F


Has been a film extra

Sonia 32F

Stay at home mum

Survived civil war before coming to UK

Jessica 32FF


She can make her chin dance

Caz 32G


Draws dogs for a living and she is quarter polish

Katie 32G

Event Manager

Has two baby teeth left

Monika 32G


Sings in a choir

Monique 32G


Can wiggle her ears and dance with her boobs

Steph 32G


Been on tour with Fleetwood Mac

Joan 32GG

Funeral Arranger

Likes skipping

Nadine 32GG


Yoga mad

Lauretta 32H

On Maternity Leave/ Mummy

Loves makes up, especially complex looks/fun looks

Corrine 32H


Loves dancing

Lisa 32H

School Administrator

Once mistaken for blonde Abba singer

Kate 32HH


Knows every word to every Disney song ever

Lucy 32JJ


Pet photographer, wants to swim with crocodiles

Chloe 34D


Obsessed with dalmatian since a child, bedroom now decorated with dalmatian spots

Amel 34E


Her friends tell her she is hilarious without realising. Loves making people laugh

Rachael 34E

Football Administrator

Loves 50s and dresses this style everyday

Ceri 34F

Process Operative

Seamstress that enjoy making unique clothes for herself and sometimes friends

Gem 34F

Makeup Artist

Wears matching underwear everyday! Even when just in trackies.

Michelle 34F

Project Manager

In a choir and performs all over the country

Sally 34F

Teaching Assistant

R+B + Gin= inner sassy diva

Emily 34FF

Digital Solutions Specialist

Was in Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" music video

Eve 34FF

Group Payroll Director

Does sand surfing (surfing on sand dunes)

Emma 34G

Tech Support

Left handed

Amanda 34GG


Loves dancing and won Friday night parkdean resorts dance off

Nic 34GG

MD/ Consultant

Worked with Curvy Kate's Tracy when I was 14/15, she makes me laugh now 30 years later as she did then.

Georgia 34H

Part Time Arts Producer

Loves Disney

Parus 34H


Loves playing video games with her husband. 5 months pregnant!

Linda 34H

Events Manager

Likes singing

Sian 34HH

Lingerie Designer

Speaks Dutch

Georgia 34J


Allergic to all cold medicines and remedies

Shireen 34J


Bubbly, fun, energetic character

Ebony 34JJ

Teaching Assistant

Big nerd. Has a Pikachu tattoo and 1 UP Mushroom tattoo from Mario

Jodie 34JJ

Stay at home mum

Bunny Mad

Sarah L 34JJ

Support and Key Working

Laughs everyday, mainly at herself

Sarah R 34JJ

Sales Admin

Studied contour fashion as a degree and knows how much effort goes into making a fabulous bra

Shola 34K

Content Creator/ Nurse

Thinks that September babies are the life of party

Lauren 36DD


Kidnapped, escaped and chased down the one that took her suitcase as had just bought a new iPhone

Patrizia 36E


Friends say she is unshockable

Charlotte 36F


Taking part in the campaign to represent people with hidden disabilities!

Doriana 36F

Plus Size Model, Online Sales

Loves sleeping in on weekends and watching Netflix

Robyn 36FF

Inside Sales Supervisor

Suffered with alopecia since 15 years old

Emmy 36G


No hair, 10 tattoos and zero f***s

Niki 36G

Plus size blogger by night, admin by day

Wiggles & giggles like Jigglypuff & loves life!

Nina 36G


Sang on stage with Nile Rogers

Grace 36GG

Assistant Bar Manager

Climbed the O2 week the after #IamCurvyKate

Sian 36GG

Mama/Marketing Assistant

Loves to sing and dance

Lauren 36H

Purchasing Administrator

Describes herself as crazy cat lady

Natalie 36H

Tax Officer

Loves having fluorescent nails

Paulette 36H

Short Breaks Practitioner

Naturally silly without knowing it

Alice 36J


Worked with serial killers

Danielle 36J

Customer Service Advisor

Can hold a cider bottle between her boobs & drink it!

Angela 36K


Learnt Japanese so she could build a Japanese to English translator (45000 lines of code!)

Hazel 36K

Social Worker

Never gets full up or sick from eating chocolate

Sophie 36K

Blogger/ Works in the bank

Was on this morning talking about body positivity in Curvy Kate swimwear

Zawadi 36K


Shy but you'd probably wouldn't believe it

Alison 38E

Civil Enforcment Officer

Has a funny accent

Ruby 38E

Mental Health Advisor/ Peer Worker

First job was in Dad's sausage shop

Melissa 38F

Shop Assistant

Shaved her 3ft long hair for charity 2 years ago

Emily 38F

Nursery Nurse/Early Years Worker

Has autism and is a lover of lingerie and swimwear

Natasha 38F

Marketing Director in Tech

Loves inspiring and promoting body confidence for all shapes and sizes

Amy 38FF

Bra Fitter

Studying to be a music manager

Danielle 38FF

Sales - Director of DB Collection

Loves banter and thinks she is absolutely hilarious

Melissa 38FF

Nursery Nurse/ MUA


Simona 38FF

Admin/ PA

Can twist her arms 360

Carolanne 38G

Nurture Group Teacher

Loves to travel

Sophia 38G

Mummy to a bear

Once went on a second date in Washington DC

Kat 38GG

Credit Controller / Blogger / Model

National and international pageant queen

Sadie 38GG

Office Worker

Bit ditzy which makes people she meets and friends worry about her

Dominique 38H


Has a cat called Arnold Pawzenegger

Kate 38H

Customer Advisor

Loves Disney Karaoke

Rebecca 38HH


Sex specialist

Marloes 38J

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Does historical reenactments

Ellie 40DD

Dental Nurse

Lived in 3 different countries and travelled to 18

Danni 40E

Mother/Part Time Baker

Has huge family: over 170 cousins

Martha 40F


Lived in tipi in Canada for 3 months

Pearl 40F

Venue Manager

Owns more lingerie than clothes

Sarah 40F

Fitting Model Size 24

57 tattoos and 8 piercings

Victoria 40G

Payroll Manager

Loves abseiling and kayaking

Helen 40GG


Her party trick is the splits

Melissa 40GG

Sales Assistant at Bravissimo

Loves to laugh

Vivienne 40GG


Always right. LOL. Only joking

Chantelle 40HH

Plus Size Model/ Hairdresser

Terrified of heights

Emma 40G

Supply Chain Manager

Had a number 1 at Christmas for about 6 minutes

Hannah 40HH

Retail Supervisor

Performs regularly in musical theatre and can do splits

Josie 40HH


Sang "Happy Birthday" to Dalai Lama

Kelly 40J

Administrator/ Plus Size Blogger

Only has one hand: referred to as stumpy

Gellner 40JJ


Auditioned for X Factor when 16, Sunday school teacher

Brodie 40K


Tongue tied

Fiona 42E


Was in a Blazin Squad video

Karina 42E

Beauty Publicist

Obssesed with drag queens

Emma 40K

Personal Assistant

Travelled to Berlin to get a tattoo

Lisa 42FF

Designer in motorsport

Can sing in whistle tone

Carley 42G


Can Irish dance

Lisa 44E

Early Talent Lead

Won Miss Lovely Legs competition

Faith 44F


Was on Canadian Idol when she was 23

Lisa 44F


Was in a Blazin Squad video

Nyome 44F


Her name spells money

Joy-Ann 44FF


Really afraid of moths

Nici 46E

Administration/ Part Time Blogger

Blogs about accessibility at events as well as beauty and fashion

Sharron 46FF

Driving Instructor/Musician

Can get her boobs to dance